That something blue of my wedding ceremony

I’m sure that you all are aware of the fact that your wedding ceremony or your outfit will need “something blue”. But the question is: what will that something blue be? Will it be the shoes, the purse or the flowers? Well, this is a tricky question, but in order to help you answer to it, we have some answers prepared for you, that might just help.
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If you don’t care much about traditions, but the elderly around you have been constantly nagged you about the importance of wedding rituals, then you will surely fancy something small and difficult to notice. We are talking about picking a hair accessory, maybe a hair pin or a hair grip that will look amazing next to your hair style. It will really make you look distinguished and refined, which is good considering the fact that this is the look you desired to have.

Blue wedding shoesCredit
Blue wedding shoes

However, if it was your idea to have something blue, mainly because you are very enthusiastic when it comes to weddings, then you already have something in mind. But, if you don’t we have some ideas that might be perfect for you. You should consider matching your blue shoes with a blue band attached to your wedding bouquet. Or. You could have some blue flowers, while your dress will be embellished with a blue bow. Either way, this is something that will work perfectly.

Still, there is another category of ladies, namely those who wouldn’t like to have something blue on them, but at the same time they would like to respect the tradition. According to us, these ladies should add something blue to their wedding ceremony: some wedding centerpieces, decorations or even the favors. Anything will do, after all you are respecting the tradition but in your own, unique and fabulous way.

Blue wedding bouquetCredit
Blue wedding bouquet

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget about women who just wouldn’t add some blue neither to their ceremony not to their outfit. Well, if you are not a superstitious lady and if your groom isn’t like that either, then you should just skip the tradition. This will be something really cool to organize something that will please you first and then the others. So, just go for it and be happy with your choices.