3 disasters to avoid at the wedding reception

If the wedding reception ends up being exactly as you imagined, then everyone is happy: you, as the bride and groom, your parents, your friends, the bridesmaids and the best man, as well as the guests. But sometimes one can encounter some difficulties at the level of the guests or even in the wedding planning schedule and so, your entire ceremony can be ruined. These wedding disasters have to be avoided in due time so that, you don’t remember the most important day of your life as being one full of sorrow.
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In the following lines we are going to focus on some points or little problems, how you like to call them and maybe offer you some suggestions and tips on how you can avoid them or solutions for resolving them.

The playful child

We know that some of you haven’t specified in their wedding invitations the details concerning children. There are some couples who mention in the wedding invitation that they don’t want children in their wedding reception and we totally understand why. Not all children can understand the message “ please be calm”. Having lots of energy and wanting to consume it, some children tend to get kind of wild and so, produce problems at the level of the wedding reception and to the entire wedding.

The flower girl should be chosen with attention, if you know that she tends to have overreactions then you should think of another girl to carry the ring or to toss flowers. Also, you can have the unpleasant surprise that during the religious ceremony the little ones to be as you expected, but the situation can change during the wedding reception – they will being tossing and playing with the wedding cake or they can scream or cry loudly. These situations can tend to be not so simple to handle for some people, but believe us that you can prevent “disasters”.

Think of arranging a table only for the little ones so that they don’t get bored and in this way they have their own universe in which they will feel really comfortable. Besides this, make sure that you arrange their tiny corner in such a manner as they feel spoiled and they don’t feel grumpy: make them special food, pretty colored and tempting to eat. Use toys, but ones that are not going to produce accidents or even think of hiring a clown, who can keep the kids entertained during your dance, your wedding toast or whatever situation in the wedding reception…. Also, you have to make sure that there is a constant adult eye who is watching them, because children remain children and you simply don’t know what can happen, even if you made sure there is no background for “mistakes”.

disasters to avoid at the wedding receptionCredit
Disasters to avoid at the wedding reception

Unpredictable weather

We jump from children to the natural environment that sometimes tends not to be that helpful in your bridal day. Even if you take the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception in a covered area, the bride will step out of the car under the open air and her gown mustn’t be destroyed or wet. Think of a situation in which you are dressed in a ball wedding gown that is designed in princess style and you simply cannot avoid not making it dirty with mud.

As we promised, we have situations for all your problems that can be encountered in the bridal day. We know that you have picked with attention the wedding date, but the weather isn’t helpful all the time, you know?! So, in case it happens to rain apply for taking some extra umbrellas with you and ask the bridesmaids to carry your bridal gown train, because you don’t want it to become brown from white. Besides this, you don’t have to worry, because some say that if it’s raining in the wedding day, this is a sign of good luck and richness!

disasters to avoid at the wedding receptionCredit
Disasters to avoid at the wedding reception

The insufficient liquor supplies

Even if you are prepared from the point of view of every little detail, there can be some heavy drinkers at the wedding and so, remain without such supplies. Well, money is not a problem when it comes to the bridal day, isn’t that right? But we are not referring to money this time; we ask you who is going to make sure that your supplies will be completed?! It’s your wedding day and it’s impossible that your guests did not drink at least one glass of champagne and they can’t drive to the store and buy the supplies needed.

disasters to avoid at the wedding receptionCredit
Disasters to avoid at the wedding reception

Besides the fact that you can rent a bus for bringing your guests to the wedding reception, you can also use the driver to bring you the extra supplies you need!