Wedding reception with childhood inspiration

For some, the bridal day has an important significance and they want to make the best of it, after all, it’s between the most important events that one can live in his/her lifetime. The situation will change a little bit when you decide to make your wedding after you have a child and it’s important to include him in all that happens. For this matter, we have taken into account a wedding reception that can have a little bit of childhood inspiration in it and we assure you that you ought to make the difference.
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Not only such a theme is rarely encountered, but you can also play with lots of details and elements in it and end up with an interesting result. Also, think of this type of wedding reception as looking pretty colored and recalling your wedding guests of their happiest moments in their lives, when they were little ones and they did not have so many problems to deal with.

Make sure you pick elements that you used to love when you were a little child and you include them in an elaborate manner in the wedding reception.

First of all, you can use all kinds of elements at the level of the wedding cake. Think of the funniest games you used to play being a little child, no matter if we’re referring to Pac Man or Super Mario – these figurines can serve to adorn the wedding cake.

wedding reception with childhood inspirationCredit
Wedding reception with childhood inspiration

Grown ups hate it when children start playing with food. As a suggestion, we recommend you to get inspired from this act and maybe take some games into account when it comes to wedding planning the reception and ending up with a gorgeous event.

For this matter we recommend you to insert in the wedding reception, especially if it takes place outdoors some bottle games. We are referring to the simple fact of hiring some bartenders that can revive the atmosphere with their moves with bottles in the air. These being said, we think that it’s a great idea, because you add both of your sides in this thing, the mature part with the bartenders and bottles with alcohol and the less mature side with the simple act of playing with bottles.

Another interesting idea when it comes to a wedding reception that has childhood inspiration is also for the open air wedding venue in which you can take into consideration the Swedish buffet and order the food in pretty colors, this will totally add the playful air you were wishing to have.

Think of how much you can play with ideas at the level of wedding invitations; not only are you able to realize these in a colorful manner, but in the same time you can add ideas from childhood and make these look extra interesting.

All the details that you have to make your wedding guests aware of can be realized like the pieces of a puzzle. You can make these with your own hands and with a little bit of help, starting from the response cards to the indications concerning the wedding date and where does it take place.

Try being original through your wedding invitation that can be made of cardboards that are really similar to colored pieces of puzzle…. Try attaching a picture of you two from the engagement or even one that was taken when you were children.

Another part where you can play with ideas and the theme of childhood is clearly at the level of the table arrangements and all the decorations. We were thinking of the supports that hold the dishes and all the tableware. A great idea would be to place these on a sheet that looks exactly like the surface on which you play checkers. If the black and white tones do not integrate perfectly on the chromatic part of your wedding reception, then you can pick some other colored combinations that can suggest the same idea that we have proposed.

Here’s another neat idea that can seem a great starting point for your games since you were a little child. “Love” is the perfect word for describing your feelings and the game of scrabble can seem pretty useful when it comes to adorning the wedding reception tables.

The photos of the rings should not be absent from the wedding photo album and you can place this photo next to the wooden letters that are placed there to describe your feelings.