Bridesmaid Fashion to Skip

Silver Wedding Dresses

Silver Wedding Dresses

By Araceli Vizcaino-S, Azazie

Each year, over two million brides say their “I Do’s,” which means roughly two million wedding parties have gone through the tried-and-true process of planning the affair, figuring out which bridesmaid trends look good and which don’t.

Well we’re here to save you some time by sharing what we’d like you to leave behind in the New Year:

“More Is More” Rule

Whether or not you’re of the camp that “less is more,” ultimately bridesmaids never want to outshine the bride. Having an outlandish bridesmaid dress will surely detract from the bride herself. Stay away from the ball gowns, the layers of ruffles, and crisscrossing fabrics screaming for attention. There were occasions called homecoming, prom, or quinceañera Classic with a twist should never be about the “twist,” so be sensible.

Hot Pink

Pink is officially the new black as well as the the ultimate girly go-to, and we’re seeing blush bridesmaid dresses among the most popular colors for weddings. But hot pink straddles a fine line between Bridesmaids and Barbie. The stark highlighter color is just too bold for a wedding, and can even run, dare I say, on the tacky side.

So even if the bride is Elle Woods incarnate, consider having deep pink accents, or changing the marker on the RGB scale when it comes to choosing dresses, to veer away from a fashion faux pas. As another queen of pink would say, “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

Patty Predictable

If it’s a wedding in Hawaii, it’s a little too predictable to have your bridesmaids wear orchid leis and seashells in their hair. For a garden wedding, you don’t have to do flower crowns—think outside the box, or little ways in which you can communicate the theme or setting of your wedding with hints. The understated details will go a long way.

Long, Cream Dresses

Even if the wedding dress is much more upscale than the long bridesmaid dresses, choosing cream is still just plain risky. There is one bride, not six, and when the wedding party stands together it’ll be too easy for the bride to blend in. Nude-colored bridesmaid dresses are a tough call, as sometimes beading and details can differentiate, but if anything, go with short dresses if you’re choosing a cleaner, lighter color.

Once an idea for a head-to-toe bridesmaid looks passes the above tests with soaring colors, it’s time to officially run with it!

Araceli Vizcaino-S is the Community Manager for Azazie, an online bridal boutique that specializes in a made-to-measure dress experience. At Azazie, dresses are designed in-house and wedding parties are provided with custom fitting for over 200 styles and 57 colors of bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, mother-of-the-bride dresses, as well as a wide selection of bridal accessories.