The Alternative Bride Guide

Want to go against the grain on your special day and rock a theme that stands out more spectacularly than the standard white dress and traditional vows? If you yearn for a uniquely unforgettable wedding, then look no further than our guide to doing your “I do’s” differently…

Ditch the White Dress

If you’re not bothered about a traditional wedding, consider scrapping the white dress standard in favor of a colorful or patterned gown. Nowadays, non-traditional weddings are becoming increasingly commonplace and many brides are opting to drop the typical white lace fabrics in favor of something, even more, show-stopping on the big day. If you’re a color lover, take a tour of these non-traditional outfits and find some colorful inspiration ideas.

Bold is Beautiful

When you remember that your wedding photos are supposed to last a lifetime, hair and makeup are one of the style-conscious bride’s biggest considerations. Getting your whole look right for the big day can make or break the dress. If you want to be a stunning and inimitable bride, forget subtle highlights or shades of demure brown – make a statement to celebrate the occasion by overhauling your tresses with a bright shade such as a fiery red hair color or pastel colors that compliment your complexion.

Theme Party

If there’s something that means a lot to you both – be it your shared love of a certain place, a sports team or even a favorite movie – centering your wedding around the thing that you’re both passionate about with a themed wedding about can be a fun and original way is a great way to ensure a day that everyone remembers! Whether you love Disney or are more into hardcore metal, rest assured it’s the ultimate way to make your big day stand out. If a barrage of themed motifs everywhere seems tacky or too full-on, you can still add little embellishments of your chosen theme on stationary, or detailing on the cake and clothing while keeping the room decorations neutral in order to avoid your wedding reception resembling an amusement park.


Thinking about traditional wedding food tends to evoke the cry of “chicken or fish?” If you’re determined to do things differently at your reception, you don’t have to offer your guests the standard catering package of cheese-on-a-stick and shrimp cocktails. Buffet dining is one of the easiest ways to let guests choose what they fancy, so why bit get creative with your spread by serving classic snacks such as cookies and milk, chips and guacamole or even grilled cheese and tomato soup- appetizer style- in a martini glass with a miniaturized dipping item to accompany; portable, quirky and oh so delicious!