How to Create the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are romantic, magical and also great for those on a budget. If you’re considering booking your big day during the colder period – between November and March here are a few ways to ensure it’s simply perfect:

Choose the Right Venue

Ensuring guests are warm throughout the ceremony and reception is something to think about when choosing your venue. While a marquee is whimsical and pretty, a venue with windows and doors may be preferable just in case the weather is particularly bitter.

Keep Warm

You and your wedding party are likely to spend some time outside having photos taken, that’s why it’s a good idea to choose warmer bridalwear to ensure you aren’t shivering too much in between shots. Fur stoles and smart overcoats are perfect, adding a little cosiness to your wedding outfits and keeping you warm too. It might also be a good idea to remind guests to bring along a smart coat or jacket, especially if you plan on having group shots taken outside or the ceremony is taking place in a drafty church.

Take Inspiration From the Season

Winter is a truly beautiful time of year, with ice and snow and frost to take inspiration from when it comes to your theme and décor. Icicles are beautiful table decorations and shades of blue throughout your décor and even your wedding party’s outfits perfectly complement the season. Don’t be afraid to add some glitz and glitter, reminiscent of snowy days and ice, into your décor – you could even do this with your wedding ring too, simply by choosing one with plenty of glittering diamonds in the band.

Plan Around Festivities

Christmas and New Year are considered to be winter holidays, which is why it’s a good idea to incorporate elements from these into your big day and organise the event to take place close to them on the calendar. Feature vibrant reds and greens in a wedding close to Christmas or hand out sparklers and host a firework display if you’re celebrating the New Year and your nuptials.

Comfort Food is Not Optional

Winter is a time to indulge in home comforts and for many of us that’s when we turn to warming foods to see us through the colder months. Serving these up at your wedding is an easy way of adding to that winter theme. Choose something you and your partner love to eat when its cold – a Sunday roast or comforting stew for main, followed up by apple pies and custard for dessert, make for a menu perfect for a winter wedding.

Winter weddings are truly special and while they require a little extra thought they can easily go off without a hitch. Start planning those finer details now and you’ll have a truly special day to remember.