Wedding Planning – Ninth Step – Almost Done

You are almost done, in fact there are two more steps you need to take, in order to be able to say your “I dos”. But, let’s takes things easy and let’s inform you which: are the things you need to do, in order to get over this stage, too. Don’t worry, there isn’t much to do, but still this doesn’t have to mean that you are allowed to loose focus. Keep it, because soon everything will be done and you will enjoy your wedding ceremony.
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The ninth step has a lot to do with establishing the last wedding details you have been postponed until now. You know what we are talking about: floral arrangements, table cloths and centerpieces, chair cloths, and so on. If so far you have waited in order to catch a great offer, now you will just have to make up your mind and to choose the option that will suit your needs best.

Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Wedding DecorationsCredit and wedding decorations details
Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Wedding Decorations

Is not like we are trying to hurry you up, but the things is that your wedding date is approaching rapidly and you will have to settle the last things. Anyway, we have found something that will prove to be very useful, because here you will receive great tips on how to decorate the wedding venue, next to a list of the things you will have to consider when taking care of this process.

If you are working with a wedding planner, then these things are already being taken care of. Usually, these persons know how to handle these details and won’t make you loose control. You will just be informed that the last details have been sorted out and everything is ready for your marriage.

But, because you have decided to save some money, you skipped hiring a wedding planner.

Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Unique Wedding CenterpiecesCredit
Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Unique Wedding Centerpieces

Well, it means that you are on your own and that you will have to take care of these things. If until now you have not asked your relatives or friends to help you, now is about time you would do so. However, because you will have to be organized, in order not to forget about anything, this is what you will have to do: make a list and write down all the missing details from your wedding. Then, divide these tasks between all the people standing next to you. In this way, you will be certain that everything will be done until the “D” day.

Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Wedding FavorsCredit
Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Wedding Favors

Besides doing the last wedding shopping, you will also have to take care of your wedding venue. You will need to have it decorated by your special day, so hurry up with the sopping, in order to sort this thing out, too. Apart from the wedding reception, you will also have to think about your day wedding ceremony. If you will have this at the church, then you should talk to somebody and see which: are the rules, when it comes to decorations. In case you are not satisfied with this, you should organize this part of the wedding at your place, which requires of course a lot of preparations.

There is something else you should know, if you will plan these things without a professional, there will be times when you will feel overwhelmed. But, there is no need to panic. Keep your cool and search for that special thing until you will be satisfied. Even if you will have the impression that time is slipping away you will see that in reality things are under control and there is nothing you can not do.

Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Unique Wedding Centerpieces
Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Unique Wedding Centerpieces

At the “almost done” process you will have to try on your wedding dress. Because of the stress you have been dealing with, your body could suffer some changes. This is why, it is mandatory for you to try on the dress before the wedding, in order to see if it needs some adjustments. It is better to be prepared than to be struck by the unexpected.

If there are some DIY wedding decorations, or favors that need to be done, well it is about time you would take care of these things. In case you thought that dealing with this will be a piece of cake, and now you realize that it is far more difficult than you have imagined, you could call things off and buy your wedding favors and decorations from a local store or an online shop. But, do not give up until you have tried. For instance, here is something you could use, in order to get some hints on how to do your wedding favors.

How to Make Wedding Favors

Oh, let’s not forget about the wedding menu. You should talk to the restaurant and make sure they will provide you your food, in case this was your deal. If you will bring your own food, then make sure that the catering staff you have hired is taking care of this important detail. Also, talk to a baker and order your dream wedding cake: mention your favorite colors, the design and purchase the wedding cake toppers. As for the beverage, in case you have not bought it yet, then you should get down to business and make sure that there will be enough of wine, water, juice and champagne on your tables.

Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Cake TopperCredit
Wedding Planning - Ninth Step - Cake Topper

Another detail that you should not forget of is to call the representative of your wedding band or the DJ, in order to make sure that your deal is not off. Also, make a phone call to your wedding guests and see if they will be able to attend your wedding ceremony.

These being done, you have nothing to worry about, because everything has been sorted out. However, there is one more step you will have to take, in order to complete the wedding planning. So, meet us next time, because we will talk about the tenth step, which is simply called: relax.