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5 Essentials for the Day Of Emergency Kit: The Groom

Even the groom needs to prepare ahead of time for the wedding. If there’s a problem in the groom’s room, the bride can’t just drop everything to come and fix it. Instead, the man of the hour needs to have his own wedding day emergency kit to solve minor snafus and silly issues.

No matter who you are, the fact is, you won’t have complete control over every detail and movement of your wedding day, but you can be ready to take action. And with these 5 essential pieces, you’ll not only be the suave and handsome groom, but the one that can handle any problems that may pop up!

5 Essentials for the Day Of Emergency Kit: The Groom

1. Mints, Mints, Mints: Just like with the bride, the groom needs fresh breath too! You don’t need to be seen chewing on a piece of gum the entire evening, so instead, carry some of your favorite mints with you so you stay nice and fresh. You’ll be talking to a lot of people and kissing your bride at every corner, so this is an absolute must. No one likes a groom with halitosis.

2. Tip Money: Whether you’re in charge of tipping some of the night’s vendors or just the bell service and limo drivers, you can’t go dancing at the party without some change in your wallet. You also don’t want to start your marriage off by asking the bride or either of your parents for cash money to pay off any of the night’s helpers. Also, for any specific charges, have an envelope ready to hand off to the DJ or wedding planner. Double check everything ahead of time.

3. Extra Black Socks: One of your groomsmen, including you, are bound to forget black dress socks. You don’t want your guys all decked out looking nice and snazzy, showing off their white gym socks. Although you may think this is a no brainer and there’s absolutely no way anyone could forget a pair, it’s the most common mistake made. Even if you plan on wearing some funny patterned dress socks, have another pair on hand!

4. Shoe Shine: Don’t greet your bride with scuffed up shoes. Make sure everyone’s dress loafers are shining and mark-free. It’ll finish off your ensemble and have you looking like the dapper groom you are. Make sure you have the right color shine and the right materials depend on what shoes everyone is wearing. Even if you’re wearing suede shoes, there’s a kit for those too!

5. Shaving Kit: Today is not the day that you dawn your infamous lazy stumble. It’s not the day to forget to shave or trim up. Be sure you’ve packed all of your favorite shaving essentials from the best razors (that doesn’t give you razor burn) to the most manly, suave-smelling aftershave. Also, have some extra razors and travel shaving creams with you for your men. You know your brother is bound to forget to shave and you can’t have your best man looking like a bum in all of those family photos!

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