Groom Wedding Planning

Wedding Planning: 5 Things The Groom Can Do

Believe it or not, just because you’re a bride, doesn’t mean that you have to take on all the responsibility of planning your wedding on your own. Wake up ladies, there’s another part of the “I do” duo that can help out a bit. That’s the groom! There are plenty of ways he can help out, make decisions and check items off of your unusually long and tedious checklist. All you have to do is allow him to! Don’t worry though, you can start small and not give too much of the reigns away just yet. Instead, start with these 5 things the groom can do, quite easily!

Groom Wedding Planning

1. Start planning the honeymoon … early!

Obviously, the two of you need to sit down and figure out where you want to go together. But, once that decision is made, the groom can easily start researching for the best deals, the best places to stay, ticket prices and even reserving the rental car. This task won’t mess with any day-dreamy plans but instead, it’ll make more time and room for the both of you to figure out dinner reservations or shore excursions (AKA: the fun stuff). Allow your groom to be in charge of logistics and check that right off of your to-do list.

2. Book “from the reception” transportation … or at least figure it out!

This is an easy one to leave up to your groom. Even if you have a special request, give it to him and let him figure out the details. Again, this is merely logistics and, we assume, that your groom can handle the pressure of getting you both from the reception to your hotel suite. Even if you’re just using your own vehicles, he can handle making sure everything is packed and gassed up to go!

3. Create “his side of the family’s” guest list … with his mother, of course!

A task that can easily be marked off as “not your responsibility,” is his side of the family’s guest list. You have no idea who needs to be on it and you shouldn’t have to set a date to sit down with his mother to figure it out. Instead, just remind them that they need to get this together for you, pronto! It’s just another way to relieve yourself of anxiety and stress. Learn to delegate, especially in this area of the wedding plans.

4. Shop for the Rings … yes, the rings.

He picked out your engagement ring, so why not allow him to go and pick out your wedding ring too? It’ll be an amazing surprise, don’t you think? Of course, you can always drop hints of what you may like, for example if you want a matching set with him or one with a lot of bling. But, let him choose his own ring, probably one of the only pieces of jewelry he’ll ever wear, and then surprise you with a partner to your engagement ring!

5. Pick out the evening’s entertainment … whether DJ, band and/or host.

Allow him take the lead and really help to create an amazing celebration by giving him the opportunity to pick out the night’s entertainment. Of course, this could be a task you can go hand-in-hand in, but it’s also a task that can easily be delegated to the groom. Whether you choose to go with a DJ, live band and/or night’s host, have him do the interviewing and research on different choices.

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