Wedding reception – location

You’ve made up your mind on a particular area and you simply love the spot and want to get married there…. Maybe in the first moment the fact that you’ve discovered the wanted location is enough for you to get pleased or this can push you away from seeing the true aspects surrounding the salon and that particular spot.

Also you have to go over the moment of complete joy and ask yourself some questions that will push you into picking the right spot for making your wedding and make it just the way you wanted it.

wedding reception- location

We’ve chosen for you a series of questions that should be put besides signing a contract for renting the salon in which your wedding reception will take place. Read carefully every little word in order to receive all the right answers and ask for clear responses in order to avoid problems in the day of your wedding or immediately after.
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Even if the organizers guarantee that there will not be any problems with the guests’ tables you have to ask if the space offered permits you to get installed in adjacent areas just great for seeing everybody.

wedding reception- location 2

The keepers of the saloon are going to tell you if you can have tables for 100 guests- but you don’t have to be sure that you’re going to have the area for the DJ or orchestra, free spaces for the décor elements and for the dance floor.

Make sure you know in due time what taxes there are and what sum you have to offer to the keeper of the salon. It’s better you also to know in order to organize your ideas and see how you blend all the details.

wedding reception- location 3

Also, make sure you find out the costs for the menu and extra drinks that you can apply for. You don’t want to have the surprise of finding out in the night of your wedding that two bottles pf champagne cost as much as a holiday in Thailand.

So it’s essential you find out about all these details concerning your wedding day and most of all the space in which your wedding reception is celebrated.