living together before marriage
photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

‘Shacking-Up’ Before Getting Married

living together before marriage
photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

Living Together Before Getting Married. What You Need To Know.

It’s really easy to get caught up in a new relationship and rush to get married, but by moving in together first you can test the waters and make sure that you still get along. You can also find out whether those little habits that you thought were cute are actually going to drive you mad! Here’s a look at some things to consider when you start your exciting new life together living under the same roof…


It’s really important that you both have the same expectations from living together. If you’re already engaged then you’ll hopefully be on the same page – but if not it might be a bit more tricky. Whether you’re both thinking of living together as a step towards marriage or just to save money on rent, as long as you’re on the same page you’re setting yourselves up to have a great time. You also need to discuss how finances and possessions will work out, try this post on Home Let for some great tips.

Sharing Space

Living on your own, you’re in control of your own space, and your own mess. When you move in with a partner suddenly there’s this boy or girl there making mess too. He will probably leave his pants on the floor and other traits you won’t enjoy. But we all have bad habits and it’s about learning to live with each other’s and making sure that you make the effort to work on these. Both of you going home every day to someone you love will be really special, and most likely worth all of those little grumbles.

To ease this process make sure you have personal space and time apart as well as together. There will be times when he wants to read or watch TV alone, or when you want to read a magazine or have a bath without getting on each other’s nerves. It’s really no big deal – everyone needs space.


Finding the right décor for your home together can be a bit of trial and error but once you have it’ll be great to have a space that reflects you both together. In terms of choosing furniture and home accessories compromise is the key to success.

When you’re living together and have an argument you can feel a bit stuck because there’s nowhere to go. You can no longer get into one of those couple fights where you don’t talk for a few days, and you don’t want to make a hasty decision and move out. Fights come and go, but if you’re living together and considering marriage you probably love each other – remember that.