wedding ceremony on beach
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7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Married

wedding ceremony on beach
photo credit: drpavloff via photopin cc

Marriage is one of the most important events in our lives. It should not be treated as a liability. You must be absolutely sure of a variety of details before marriage.

The process of moving in together, sharing real commitment and sharing each others assets can all come as a big shock. So before getting into this bond of lifetime, there are several things which every couple should know.

They are as follows:-

  • Everyone desires to have a partner who is well settled in his life, so its important to assess finances and other issues before getting married.
  • One of the genuine wishes of every newly married couple is to know each other before marriage. Spending a lot of time together will help them get to know each other’s personal nature and his or her thoughts on certain issues. Communicate and really know a person before walking down the aisle.
  • We all know that after marriage everything becomes a bit scrambled like baby planning, house hunting and more. This sometimes becomes the prime question in the mind of each of the family members and wedding guests.
  • Before marriage, it may be wise not to marry your first love. Spending time dating other people can help you to learn what you really like in a partner.
  • Most of the time it’s a wish of the groom and the bride to know the commitment level of a partner. In this regard they generally wish to gather a bit of knowledge about their partner’s past life.
  • It’s a wish of everyone to know their partners consent regarding marriage which shows their seriousness about this eternal bond of marriage. One must be free minded about marriage as it is a lifelong bond. It should not be treated as a burden.
  • Before marriage it’s important to be committed to each other’s family.

Marriage is a very special moment in ones life and its very important to address these issues walking into marriage. As both the bride and groom are going to spend their whole life with each other. Understanding and communicating with one another can prevent major issues later on in married life. We all know that a bond becomes stronger with time. Building a relationship and preparing for your wedding day and for early married life is equally as important as all of your wedding planning.

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