Celebrity and Famous TV Wedding Vows



If you are writing your own wedding vows, it can be hard to put into words what you really want to say to the person who means the most to you in your life.  Famous love poems often sounds artificial, especially if they were written a few centuries ago.  Song lyrics often talk about love, but not necessarily commitment.  Fortunately, though, professional writers have written some beautiful vows for TV couples that can provide you with some inspiration! Here are a few famous TV wedding vows:

Friends – Monica and Chandler Wedding

“The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding” is a double length episode of the television sitcom Friends. It first aired on May 17, 2001 as the finale of season seven. With the groom’s back and Joey finally there to marry them, Monica and Chandler exchange their vows. We know it is just a TV show, but this one warmed all our hearts.

monica and chandler wedding

Monica and Chandler Wedding Vows:

Monica: Chandler, for so long I wondered if I would ever find my prince, my soul mate. Then three years ago, at another wedding I turned to a friend for comfort. And instead, I found everything that I’d ever been looking for my whole life. And now, here we are, with our future before us – and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soul mate, my friend. Unless you don’t want to. You go!

Chandler: Monica, I thought this was going to be the most difficult thing I ever had to do. But when I saw you walking down that aisle I realized how simple it was. I love you. Any surprises that come our way, it’s okay, because I will always love you. You are the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. You wanna know if I’m sure? (He leans in and kisses her.)

Scrubs – Carla and Turk Wedding

carla turk

Scrubs – Carla and Turk Vows:

Carla: I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but you’ve managed to erase them all, because each and every one of them has led me to you.

Turk:  When I look into your eyes, I see the future. I see kids, I see minivans…you name it, I see it. The weird thing is, though, as long as I see your smile, none of that stuff scares me.

Gray’s Anatomy: Burke’s and Christina’s Wedding

greys anatomy wedding

Gray’s Anatomy: Burke’s and Christina’s Wedding Vows

Burke: Cristina, I could promise to hold you and to cherish you. I could promise to be there in sickness and in health. I could say ‘til death do us part, but I won’t. Those vows are for optimistic couples, the ones full of hope, and I don’t stand here on my wedding day optimistic or full of hope. I am not optimistic, I am not hopeful. I am sure, I am steady, and I know that I’m a heart man. I take them apart, put them back together, I hold them in my hands. I am a heart man.

So this I am sure, you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend. My heart beats for you. And this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this… I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands. I promise you me.

Gray’s Anatomy: Derek and Meredith Wedding

greys anatomy wedding

Gray’s Anatomy: Derek and Meredith Wedding Vows

To love each other even when we hate each other.
No running–ever. Nobody walks out no matter what happens.
We’ll take care of each other even when we’re old and smelly and senile.
This is forever.

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Wedding

Elvis Presley wedding

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Vows

Marriage is an honorable estate. It is not to be entered into lightly or unadvisedly, but discreetly and soberly. Into this relationship these two persons come now to be joined. I ask you both that if you know any reason why you should not be joined in marriage, you make it known at this time. Elvis, do you take Priscilla to be your wedded wife, to live together in bonds of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, so long as you both shall live?

Priscilla, do you take Elvis to be your wedded husband, to live together in bonds of marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, so long as you both shall live?

I, Elvis, take thee, Priscilla, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.

I, Priscilla, take thee, Elvis, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.

Inasmuch as you have consented together in marriage, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws of the state, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Trista and Ryan – The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Wedding

Trista and Ryan – The Bachelorette Vows

I Trista take you Ryan, to be my husband. I will treasure our friendship, and love you today, tomorrow and forever. I will trust and honor you. I will laugh and cry with you, and share my life openly and honestly with you. What may come, I will always be there. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I promise you my trust, my devotion, my tenderness, and my love. As I’ve given you my hand to hold, so I give you my life to keep.

The officiant then asked, “Will you take Ryan as your husband, as your companion and best friend. Do you promise to treat him with love and devotion, honor and respect, to stand by him during the triumphs and tragedies of life as a faithful and caring wife?”

If you know of any celebrity wedding vows or have your favorite soap opera or TV star’s wedding vows please post them for us below.