Fairy-Tale Trends: Gorgeous Reception Decor Ideas Part 2

Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks! We’ve compiled just a bit of reception decor that seems as though it was plucked from our favorite, dreamlike stories. We found so many gorgeous ideas that you’ll need to visit Part 1 to see even more stunning inspiration!

preston-bailey-ivanka-trump-wedding-1Grandiose floral arrangements, hanging crystal and gilded accessories are just some of the ways to feel like royalty.

7cc1d03840e41ddab484ee016004a242A bit of “Once Upon A Time” flair is always nice to have when creating your very own fairy-tale story.

8fb728d5a74447362fd7e77ad611a0a7Think whimsical when it comes to your outdoor planning, from the tree branches to the tables.

a651e68490c0842a5fac50057318763fThere’s something very earthy yet very romantic about this outdoor scene, one that Snow White may just approve of.

b7ea2694fd5cb4ff0fc8395f6a9306e2Blushing florals and sparkling accents can easily add to your storybook setting.

Beach-Fairy-Tale-Wedding-DecorEven if you decide to go more formal or contemporary, your lighting can be straight out of your favorite daydream.

f12b911cac416d344bb738eb4a312c65Right down to the writing on the “mirror” to announce what your guests will be served should be inspired from a fairy-tale.

fairytale-wedding-23Create a photo-op like this DIYed piece for every guest – and the bride and groom – to enjoy throughout the party.

fairytale-wedding-decorations-ideasHere’s another look at a tablescape that would be fit for a princess-esque celebration.

b43c8b8f7204c94ecfcabf7e80db8662And finally, this stunning scene can be used to transform any space into the most whimsical and romantic of venues.

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