Fairy-Tale Trends: Gorgeous Reception Decor Ideas

Fairy-tale inspiration swirls all around wedding planning. From the dress to the cake, have a celebration straight from the storybooks. And with these gorgeous reception ideas, you’ll jumpstart all your plans for the party after the vows.

54dcc1e9cac50$!400xCrisp whites, sunlight, creamy flowers and grandiose glass vases, this scene is simple but beautifully executed.

551c86dc8cef3$!400xGolden tones will always evoke a sense of fairy-tale quality and princess feelings.

5553f0da65f48$!400xMixing creams and golds are also a beautiful way to keep the femininity and tradition in the look of a wedding while encompassing a dreamy feeling.


Pay attention to the details, like your table numbers. These whimsical additions only enhance the theme and fashion of the day.



If you want something a bit more woodland, think Snow White, then make sure you do something a bit more grandiose for that fairy-tale quality.


Warm lighting will also help cultivate a romantic, storybook theme. Just look what the glow of these candle do to the tables.


Muted tones and luscious florals can also help create a glamorous, dream-like reception area.


Of course, you can always make a sweetheart table and mark where the prince and princess will be sitting.


Blush tones, textures and gorgeous furniture, even when placed outside, can add to the beauty of the day.


Again, little details matter and add to a fairy-tale space. Adorning your seating with extra pizazz can be key.

photos via SMP