The Season’s Best: 6 Spring Signature Cocktails

Every wedding deserves a signature cocktail. A sip that tastes like and represents the day’s theme and season all in one. We’re gathering the year’s best in flavors and sharing the look and ingredients of some of our favorites. And today’s it’s all about the refreshing and revitalized tastes of springtime. Take a look at these 6 spring-inspired signature cocktails and see if one catches your fancy or works for your celebration!

Blackberry Smash

BlackberrySmash Signature Cocktail

For a darker hue that works for evening, formal settings but still gives a flavor of spring, we love this Blackberry Smash made with a bit of whiskey. It’s great for older palettes or ones with some richer-loving taste buds. Garnish with some mint and a red plum slice for a dash of color.

Candied Grapefruit


A prettier and lighter treat for your wedding day would be this fun and flirty candied grapefruit cocktail. It packs a punch because, well, grapefruit itself can have that effect but it also exudes a beautiful, blushing tone and has that fruity nature everyone loves to have during the springtime. Made with gin, grapefruit juice, agave nectar and a dash of cayenne it’s definitely worth a taste.

Ring Around the Rosey


What’s more springtime than a burst of blooming florals? And a cocktail that is infused with rose petals can surely make your party and its flavors stand out from the crowd. All you need is some rose syrup to get started while creating your own signature “rosey” drink that works with your taste buds and your big day.

Oregano Champagne


For a fresh surprise, try a champagne cocktail garnished with a bit of something different. You’ll get a dash of green and a dash of your springtime garden mixed in with this yummy, sophisticated treat. Some champagne, orange bitters and apple citrus syrup (topped off with some fresh oregano) come together to create quite the unique sip.

The Spring Fling


This hot and vibrant cocktail is sure to get the party started and everyone loosened up on the dance floor. Combine some chocolate bitters, tequila, hops syrup and lime juice in this flavorful and surprising treat. And the color will mix well with a variety of bright and shining spring tones.

Lavender Lemonade


Not every drink at the reception has to be made with alcohol. You can easily have a signature mocktail too that everyone, of all ages and taste buds, can try! For an easy sip that tastes like spring but still packs a unique and fun punch, try lavender infused lemonade! So many people will love to try it as a first-timer and it pairs perfectly for garden-inspired celebrations.