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Bridal Shower Sip Style: Finding the Right Fit

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We’ve already gushed about how important it is to serve a great cocktail at your wedding. Guests look forward to tasting and sipping and it becomes a part of the overall experience. And, as we mentioned before, it’s not as easy as you may think to find the absolutely perfect drink, in style and taste. And that goes for your bridal shower too. Whether it’s a cocktail or frozen strawberry smoothies, your bridal shower should have the right kind of sip that fits your entire celebration. From chilled cucumber water to pina colodas – let’s show off some drink ideas and styles that could fit a host of different bridal showers and celebrations!

Quick & Refreshing

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If you’re hosting the shower outside or just need something light and tasty, have a couple of choices ready for your guests. Flavored waters, such as cucumber, lemon or orange, and lemonades look beautiful displayed in drink containers and it’s an easy well to have your friends and family members help themselves throughout the course of the event.


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Create your own signature drink of the day by mixing and matching your favorite flavors. Tag it with a fun name and VOILA!, something delicious and personal to you. Do you want to know what the name of my signature drink was at my bridal shower? It was “the rain drop.” Of course, you can always gather ideas from other creative sips, like that of a blush-colored Blushing Bride cocktail.


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If you’re planning a traditional and cozy bridal shower, you may want to stick with traditional and cozy drinks. Vodka martinis, of all flavors, for the older crowd and raspberry sweat tea for the younger guests. A more traditional style fits well if you’re looking for a more formal venue or celebration – even for bridal showers. Of course, you can dress them up in a more girlish way for the ladies, pretty glasses and adorable garnishes.


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From apple cider to peppermint mochas, bringing the season into the big event is always fun. And there are so many ways to get creative! Summer sangria by the pitcher during the warmer months, pumpkin spice cocktails in autumn and even some cranberry sips in the winter would make for quite the memorable and playful event, don’t you think?


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Everyone has a sweet tooth at some point and time, and what better time to satisfy it than at a bridal shower? Serve up miniature milkshakes or cake batter martinis. There are so many different ways to explore your taste buds and imagination when it comes to dessert-centered drinks!