Mason Jar Signature Cocktail Weddings

Working With Mason Jars: A Few Ideas

Mason Jar Wedding Decor

Mason jars are one of the most trendy pieces of decor in the entertainment world. From backyard BBQ’s to beautiful weddings, these versatile cuties are popping up everywhere. And we’re here to share several fun ideas on how to incorporate them into a part of your wedding festivities. From drinks to favors, they can do it all. Let’s see how!

Signature Drinks

Mason Jar Signature Cocktail Weddings

Dress up your signature cocktail of the day with a mason jar! Big or small, clear or blue – choose a style that fits your day and your sips! You can also coat your special mixes for the kiddos or non-alcoholic drinks with these pieces to make them easier to find. We love the personality and extra vintage or rustic style they can bring to food and drink portion of the day, which is a lot of time the most memorable!

Floral Centerpieces

Mason Jar Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Cover your jars in gold and decorate the reception! Use them as vases to show off your flower choices and spill them over the tables. Of course, they don’t have to be dipped in glitter, instead leave them bare for a more natural selection. They’re a charming, warm and inviting way to decorate the tables, don’t you think?

Shower Delights

Mason Jar Bridal Shower

Don’t forget your bridal shower when thinking in terms of decor! Your drinks, your flowers, your favors, your lighting … even some of the games can be helped with a round of jars at your hands. You may even want to use them as place cards for your bridal brunch – whose sitting where is quite the important necessity.

Fun Favors

Wedding Favors Mason Jars

Cupcakes in a jar, ready-made recipes, filled with honey or homemade jam, mason jars are the perfect container to create the most perfect wedding favor for all of your guests to enjoy. There are endless possibilities and so many ways to get creative. Add this idea to your spring wedding, vintage-inspired celebration or casual, rustic party.

Romantic Lighting

Mason Jar Wedding Lighting

All you need are some tea lights to create this warm romance. Line the aisle for your evening ceremony, or dress the reception tables with these little cuties. Then again, making a lantern like this could be the perfect way to bring brightness to your reception area .. a barn, a garden, a cottage ….

all photos via Style Me Pretty