Breathtaking, Birdcage-Inspired Decor For Your Wedding

Dress your ceremony or reception with something a bit charming and unique. A whimsical birdcage or two could really add the extra pizzazz that you’ve been looking for. Perfect for Victorian-styled or vintage-inspired wedding day decor!

495064e692d241843afee1b266783b91Dress any table or entry way with a gorgeous, floral-flowing piece such as this stunning design.

034bc1f5d9605b7348e9f240011d9f11You can even use smaller cages to line reception tables or as centerpieces – and in crisp white creates a stunning look!

c0f562cf9b77debe8b0afc420d93e92eGet really creative and use those charming, fashionable birdcages as chandeliers to have some romantic lighting.

1353e0757b140d43645f41f990612eb7Here’s a gorgeous design that encompasses some bright pops of color and gorgeous neutrals, perfect for a wintery setting.

666f4277919c6039a4c1d5ad8695e29dA birdcage could also be a layering piece to a bigger design, such as this gorgeous piece adorning any reception table.

7f19894475829bd1a7737dc2548f27abThey could even be a unique way to present the wedding favors! Hide macaroons, candles and more in this chic way.

72d68a08a209bdd3b4496bdcf9f3ef91We even like the idea of stuffing the cage silly with florals for an eclectic and overly-detailed style.

adcffb487e8bd843b95edbbd27674d07This is also a great idea as a way for all of your guests to slip you congratulatory cards!

afbd8ecadb462964c0cc7b943a830b26Slip a candle inside for some extra romance and make sure to decorate it in a way to fit the vision of the day.

9b3aa88e37bbac1212992f0049b03e98Light the way to the altar or to the party with come birdcage lanterns set in a more modern or rustic design.

photos via Pinterest