Smooth & Shining Taffeta Wedding Gowns

These smooth and shining taffeta wedding gowns are perfect for a classic bride with a classic vision in mind. Taffeta may not be one of the most popular fabrics in the wedding world but it surely create a gorgeous foundation for your bridal look. Let’s have a peek!

Taffeta Wedding Gowns A textural skirt, smooth surface and golden hue makes this gown an absolute showstopper.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Hitting a woman’s curves at every beautiful point, this gown has a flawless silhouette and a gorgeous, flowing train.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Blushing gowns are here for the long haul and this one has so many wonderful, versatile accents.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns A bit more of a casual style, this gown sets the tone for a variety of looks as its the perfect, clean palette to style to your liking.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns The details and beading of this beautiful number add a formality and bridal-worthy flair.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns The floral embellishments on this gown make it a one-of-a-kind look.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Sophisticated and timeless, this design is beautiful and made for the quintessential bride.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Here’s a flirty and feminine design with a youthful vibe and unique scalloped edging around the neckline.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns A complimentary silhouette and a textural bodice come together to create a sultry look for a beautiful bride-to-be.

Taffeta Wedding Gowns Simple and shining, this gown is perfect for accessorizing and making your own.

photos via Brides