5 Unique Summer Wedding Color Combinations

Spruce up your summer shindig with some unique color combinations.  From the cakes to the flowers there are more than just the “traditional” ways of decorating and coloring your wedding day. And we’re here to share some wonderful shade duos that can really shine and “take the cake,” in terms of style, photographs and wowing your guests with something a bit more special than what they’re used to. Summertime is all about vibrancy and that theme can be spread throughout your wedding. Take a look at our color favorites and ideas for your big day! Hopefully, you’ll grab some inspiration and create something magical.

Seafoam & Blush

4-peach-and-sea-foam-wedding-cake-and-bouquetSoft and delicate but with a very refreshing and vibrant essence, we’re in love with the romance of this color pair. The blush creates a traditional, feminine feel while the seafoam adds a specific contrasts making it a bit more unique and edgier than the expected. We love the life these two tones bring to the party and love that they can coincide with so many different themes and style genres.

Fuchsia & OrangePink-and-Orange-Wedding-FlowersIf you really want to create magic and set the scene, go with something even more vivacious, like a brilliant shade of orange and a deep, sultry fuchsia. This is a gorgeous pick when you’re creating an evening celebration and even one with a more formal feel. It speaks of summer but with a much more sophisticated and revitalized personality.

Lavender & Mint

2012-03-15_014Here we have lavender and mint, two beautiful, cool-hued colors that refresh and cozy a room. This too has a definite sense of romanticism and even a touch of Jane Austen air floating around it’s coupling. Working well throughout daytime ceremonies or formal, evening events too, it’s another versatile choice!

Teal & Gold

0741_gallery-image_14640For a real show-stopper, add a rich teal and a glittering gold to your party. It’ll take your guests breath away while still adding that sunshiney, summertime liveliness to the celebration. This is definitely one of our more unique choices but it could really do wonders to your vintage reception or modern vision.


Coral & Yellow


bright-wedding-flowers-peonies-anemones-succulents-coral-yellow-baby-blue-silver-touches.originalFlirty and fun, here’s a color combination that is sure to stir up some summertime vibes. Instead of pink, take a good long look at adding coral to your celebration. It’s better on a variety of skin tones for your bridesmaids and there’s a wonderful selection of florals to match. Of course, yellow is an A+ accent as it highlights coral’s natural warmth and spirit.

photos via SMP