How to Decorate a Red Wagon for a Wedding


wagon for wedding


If you’ve been following the latest wedding trends, you may have noticed that many brides are adding a fun touch to their weddings by having a decorated wagon as part of their wedding décor.  Since there are a lot of different ways you can use a red wagon, there are a lot of different ways to decorate it!  Here are a few general pointers before you get started.  Further on are three suggestions for how you may want to use the wagon, along with decorating ideas.

red wagon wedding


  • Consider how it will be used – a static display will give you greater creative freedom in decorating than a wagon that will be used to pull small children.
  • Consider your wedding colors and the season – the red and black paint on most wagons are both very strong colors and (in wedding pictures) will overwhelm the light colors that many brides choose for their spring, summer, or winter weddings.  Unless you plan on having red as one of your wedding colors, or equally strong colors that can balance out the red, then you will probably need to cover all red surfaces with fabric.  If you are having a fall wedding, however, a seasonal fall display with its bright colors will go quite well with the red, and does not necessarily need to match your wedding colors.  Black is a neutral but strong color, so the black parts of the wagon may need to be covered too, depending on how you want the wagon to appear in your wedding photos.
  • Clean it thoroughly – if the red wagon you’ll be using has been sitting in the garage or attic for a few years, it will probably be covered with a layer of grime that will easily stain decorations or make it difficult to affix them.  It may also have become home to some insect “residents” that you don’t care to have at your wedding!
wagon for wedding


Below we’ve listed some ways you may want to use a red wagon in your wedding, along with some suggestions for decorating it.

Little Red Wagon Decorated for a Wedding

Little Red Wagon Decorated for a Wedding

Static display – if you really want to have some elaborate decorations on your red wagon, a static indoor (or sheltered) display is the safest way to go.  The wagon will be left in one spot for the whole ceremony, and preferably someplace where guests (particularly children) won’t be tempted to get too close and add their own “twist” to the decorations.  If you want the wagon to be a prop for some of the wedding pictures, you’ll want to decorate it in such a way that it is easily moved.  Some suggestions for decorating a static display:

  • Cover the wagon with brocade or damask fabric that is white, cream, or the lighter shade of your wedding colors.  Fill the wagon with a display of fresh or silk flowers that match your wedding colors.
  • Trim the wagon with a short beaded fringe of pearls or crystal beads, or a tulle “skirt” in one of your wedding colors.
  • Twist strips of ribbon or fabric around the handle.  Or, you could use silk flowers or vines.
  • If the wagon will not be pulled, you could even cover or decorate the wheels.  We suggest small sprays of flowers arranged in a pinwheel, or a large flower attached to the centers of the wheels.
  • If the wagon will be used as a display outdoors, then you will want to use weather-proof decorations that can withstand some wind or rain and still look good.

Moving display – if you want to be able to move the wagon around, in order to distribute wedding favors at the reception, for example, the decorations will need to be simpler and sturdier.  Here are some suggestions for decorating a moving display:

  • Cover the wagon with a pretty floral fabric that can withstand at least a little abuse, like a cotton blend or polyester satin.
  • Trim the wagon fabric with sewn-on beads or short fringe.  You don’t want trim that will be easily knocked off by a passing guest or curious child.
  • It would probably be best to leave the handle and wheels undecorated for ease of use and movement.  If you wish to decorate the handle, stick with using ribbon or fabric that can be very securely attached.
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Wedding wagon for kids – there is not much that is more adorable than seeing a cute flower girl and ring bearer riding around in a decorated wagon!  However, you will most certainly want to keep the wagon decorations simple and very well attached in order to withstand any grabbing, pulling, or other abuse the children will dish out.  We suggest:

  • Cover the wagon with a strong fabric, and fasten it securely to the wagon so that will not easily be torn or pulled out of shape.  Thick cotton or polyester would work well.  A light check or floral pattern in your wedding colors would look nice and will also be somewhat less likely to show dirt from the children’s shoes.  You may want to put a blanket or pad underneath the fabric to make sitting in the wagon more comfortable.
  • If you trim the wagon, use a very simple trim such as braid that can be securely sewn on to the fabric and not easily pulled off.
  • It would probably be best to leave the handle and wheels undecorated for ease of use and movement.  If you wish to decorate the handle, stick with using ribbon or fabric that can be very securely attached.
wagon for wedding


A red wagon is such a playful, whimsical item to have as part of your wedding.  As with most other aspects of wedding decoration, your creativity and your budget are the only real limits in deciding how to decorate it.  Have fun and play around!

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