Beach wedding candle decor by Dina from Country Light Candles

Using Candles to Jumpstart Wedding Decor

Dreaming of your big day since you were little? Was it in a castle with round tables, white linens and clusters of white taper candles surrounded by pink and yellow roses? Maybe a beach setting with hurricane glasses filled with blue pillar candles? Here’s how to jump start your wedding décor using candles in a variety of colors, textures and styles.

Beach wedding candle decor by Dina from Country Light Candles


Tall tapers vary in shape and color although usually 6 to 18 inches high. They are sometimes referred to as a dinner candle. These slender candles are often used during the ceremony, however, they also make a graceful statement when placed on the sides of a floral arrangement or grouped together. The secret of 3 in varied heights works wonders.

Wedding Centerpiece Using Taper Candles

The tone is changed when using Votives or Tealights. Sized at ½ inches in diameter and 2 or 2½ inches high they are designed to be placed in a cup or “votive” holder. Florists, Décor Specialists and wedding candle websites suggest floating these in glass bowls filled with water or place them in the center of floral bouquets. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve this can be great at an outdoor wedding with a more casual feel or indoors for a romantic touch.


Pillars are also another versatile choice. Free-standing with a diameter of 3 inches or more, and one or more wicks, they can be round, square, hexagonal, or any shape you choose. Most commonly found in the round, these make great gifts for guests. Post a picture of you and the groom, wrap them in paper with your printed vows or simply note the date of your wedding with a thank you. Your guests will enjoy the thought and the memories. Set them in a colored glass hurricane jar and let the warmth shine through or stagger them on a pillar plate or flat tray with stones or single roses set in a shot glass to create a spa-like setting.

If you are crafty, make your own candles. Gel candles use gelled mineral oils or gelled synthetic hydrocarbons. “Soft” or quasi-rigid gels are poured into a container to maintain the candle’s shape. These have a consistency suitable to hold free-standing objects. Decorative wax items or other mementos are frequently suspended within the gel to produce special visual effects. How great to use something special that bonds you and your Groom.

And, don’t forget to use flowers and ribbon — a natural combo for wedding decor. You can highlight your color theme and incorporate some interesting shapes, like these lanterns for an outdoor wedding by

Candles make a statement and it’s your day. Use this guide to jumpstart your imagination create the message you want and set up an atmosphere that illuminates your relationship on this happiest of occasions.

How have you used candles to decorate weddings?