How to Avoid Mason Jar Mistakes!

Planning a wedding? If so, you have probably been reading wedding blogs for months leading up to your big day! And you can not help but discover the mason jar craze! I am personally a junkie for these sweet little jars. The jars have a sense of vintage charm that brings forth comfort and nostalgic appeal. They are very versatile and can be used for just about everything; from table centerpieces, aisle decorations, wedding favors and drinking glasses. You can even find country party invitations with a mason jar theme!

Because these glass jars are so versatile and available in so many styles and sizes, you want to make sure to avoid some common mistakes when planning your wedding celebration!

1. Order in Bulk

One of the biggest mistakes that party planners make is not ordering in bulk. Since you are planning a wedding celebration, be it a shower, reception or rehearsal dinner party, you are going to need to purchase enough jars to exceed the guest list. By purchasing in bulk, not only will you save money, but you will also have the convenience of purchasing large quantities which are usually packaged in convenient cases.

Tip: Order online! When you order online, you will find you can find just about every size that is available, shipped directly to your door step. And most online stores sell the jars in bulk. One great online store that sells a nice variety of mason jars is, with a typical case quantity of 12.

2. Order the Right Sizes

Mason jars make great drinking glasses for your guests, especially if you are planning a country wedding or a wedding with a vintage vibe. So just as with any beverage container, you want to make sure that you purchase the right sized jar for your party glassware. Just think, if you order jars that are too small, your guests will have to constantly refill their glasses. And if you order jars that are too large, and you are serving alcohol, well, just think of what could happen! Your guests will get pretty toasted in no time!

So to help you avoid ordering the incorrect sizes for your wedding celebration, I have provided a handy guide!

Vases – quart size

Drinks – pint size (not too big and not too small!)

Favors – jelly jars (4 oz.)

wedding mason jars
Mason jars come in a variety of sizes.

3. Adorn the Jars with a Decorative Touch

These sweet little jars look so much prettier when you add a decorative touch!

If you are using them as drinking glasses, adorn the drinks with vintage paper drinking straws. Paper drinking straws are perfect for adding the fun factor and you will find they are available in a large variety of colors and patterns.

colorful mason jars
Decorate the jars with paper drinking straws. Perfect for adding splashes of color!

If you are using mason jars as vases, accentuate the jar with burlap ribbon or delicate lace trim. Tip: Remember to use FRESH flowers!

wedding mason jar ideas
This mason jar is filled with dahlias and snapdragons and wrapped with burlap ribbon.

For DIY wedding or shower favors, use colorful baker’s twine for holding tags to display a special message.

mason jar decorations
A sweet favor using a mason jar! This mason jar is filled with sweet tea and adorned with yellow and white baker’s twine