Inspiration Board: The Optimist



The silver lining, the ray of sun, the glitter of the party. You’re an expert on the bright side, a practice crafter of happiness, and of course your glass is always full. “You laugh so easily,” they tell you, secretly admiring your penchant for honesty and lightheartedness. You live in the present but sparkle at the thought of the future—now more than ever before, as you fill your new future as Mr. and Mrs. with ideas for perfect house parties, new holiday traditions, and trips for two around the world.

The optimist loves romantic comedies, the color yellow, and all things relevant to summer: cut-offs, neon blue toenail polish, strawberry lemonade, and spontaneous rainy-day dance parties. In the rain. Sound like you? Let your wedding reflect the sunny personality that everyone loves about you. If a wedding tradition seems stuffy, skip it. Fill your reception with games, contests, or anything else that will keep your guests laughing. And don’t be afraid to tap into your bright-side: it’s no more than a myth that every bride stresses over planning. Stressing isn’t really your thing, so just don’t! You, more than anyone, can handle a rainy-day wedding with grace.

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