Inspiration Board: The Dreamer



When she was a child, she lived in a castle in the English countryside… or at least she did, until Mom called her to dinner. She always brought her three favorite fairies with her to the table, where they rested on her shoulders while she ate her royal food. In ballet class, her teachers always chided her for daydreaming, but she didn’t mind—she was mostly there for the tutu and the sequins and the stage makeup anyway. Her pencils were wands, the trees behind the house were enchanted, and every night she listened carefully for new secrets from the breeze at her bedroom window.

You know who you are—‘the girl with her head in the clouds,’ the one with the imagination, the storyteller. Older now, but still fanciful and full of wonder. You used to dream of living a fairytale, and today is your day to make it true. Create a world— tell a story. Wear a gauzy ball gown, diamonds and a windblown veil and choose an outdoor venue in May; gypsophila and wisteria will be your flowers. Can’t decide on colors? Blush, almond, ivory, and mint are timeless colors reminiscent of dreamy affairs in English manor gardens. For a drink bar, offer gourmet lemonades: sweet basil, roasted peach, and watermelon mint. And of course, you must have champagne.

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