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Convalidation of Marriage. Wording for Invite

Wording The Invitation for a Convalidation of Marriage

Can anyone please help me with the proper wording for an invitation if we are convalidating our marriage in the Catholic church? How can that be worded on an invitation so that people that may not be Catholic understand what a convalidation is? Would it be proper to say that we are entering the sacrament of marriage?

Etiquette Now

Dear Wording,

You are legally married, so from an etiquette point of view you are reaffirming or renewing your vows. This would be my suggestion because your guests may be confused to why you are having another wedding ceremony. Your invitation could look like this:

The honour of your presence is requested

at the renewal of the wedding vows of

Mr. and Mrs. You



If you are creating programs, you could explain what this ceremony means in the Catholic religion.

Also, please do not register for gifts. This is not viewed as a gift giving event.

Wedding Expert

I am assuming that you were married in a civil ceremony. If so, I think the easiest thing to do is to call the event either a Renewal of Vows or a “Blessing of Our Marriage”. If it was a religious ceremony I would go with the Renewal of Vows and have the ceremony on your anniversary. I think everyone should understand this without much need for explaination. A non Catholic might not understand the difference between the Sacrament of Marriage and the original wedding but they will probably understand what a blessing of the marriage is and a renewal of vows are. Best wishes to you.

Wedding Queen

Congratulations on your decision to validate your marriage within the church! Catholics who have married outside the Catholic Church (civilly) are encouraged to consult with their parish priest concerning their existing marriage and to prepare for the blessing of that marriage. The blessing, called a convalidation ceremony, should be simple and quiet. When planning to have your marriage blessed by a priest or renewing your vows, the object is to keep things informal.

It would be acceptable to include a short, handwritten note in the invitation, explaining your service for those not knowing the meaning of a convalidation of marriage.