Q: Is It Possible To Politely Request Money Instead Of Traditional Wedding Gifts?

Fear not, it is possible! The best way to do this is by creating a “wishing well” at your wedding. These wells are baskets or other containers, such as reimagined mailboxes and suitcases. Adding a wishing well poem to your wedding invitation is a subtle-ish way to let guests know you prefer money instead of gifts.

The idea of a wedding wishing well is actually nothing new, and stems from the ancient concept of tossing a coin into an actual well for good luck. Many couples in today’s world are moving in together long before they get hitched, resulting in less need for toasters, flatware, cutlery, blenders…you get the idea. What couples often want is money for a downpayment on a house, a trip overseas, or funds to help them start their families.
A popular alternative is to create a registry that is all about “experiences,” such as money towards fancy restaurant dinners, poolside drinks on vacation, ski equipment for your upcoming winter getaway, etc. That way your friends and family know exactly what they are spending money on!