Q: “Can I Have A Male Bridesmaid?”

So you’ve had that buddy for since you were 8. He was there for you through thick and thin. You became blood brothers when he fell off his bike and scraped his knee and just like then, you both are always there for each other. So naturally, you want to recognize him on your special day. Does that make it impossible given that you are of the opposite sex? Well, yes and no.

While you most likely won’t be having him in a dress on your side of the aisle, there are still other ways to make him more than “just included” in your wedding. An usher is an easy way to have him included, but instead opt for having him as a reader and sharing a poignant story that speaks to the sanctity of your relationship with both of your special men. This will allow him to feel included without upsetting the symmetry of your altar.