Best High Energy Wedding Songs

Guests love to dance at weddings. Even people who never go out dancing at the weekends enjoy boogieing on down at a friend’s wedding.

However, if you want to make sure that the dance floor is always full, you need to mix things up a bit to make sure that you appeal to all age groups. It is particularly important to hire a band that can play a few high-energy dance numbers throughout the evening.

There are plenty to choose from. The ones we have listed below are particularly popular, and a good starting point.

YMCA by The Village People

This cheesy song is an old favourite. Most people know the chorus so do not mind getting up and having a bit of fun recreating the iconic dance moves.

Le Freak by Chic

This is another golden oldie that still people cannot help moving to. Over the decades, it has been covered regularly. As a result, more or less everyone is familiar with this popular Funk track.

Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars (Featuring Mark Ronson)

If your guests respond well to the Funk vibe, they will also love this Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson collaboration. It is a great song for getting all of the generations up and dancing together.

Can You Feel It by The Jackson 5

This song builds tempo nicely. Therefore, it is a great way to re-energise your guests, especially towards the end of the evening when they may be flagging a little.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé

Most Beyoncé tracks are infectious. You only have to hear one once, to recognise it the next time it is played. Studies show that people are more likely to dance to a track that they already know, which is why so many people feel the urge to get up and hit the dance floor when they hear one of her songs.

Happy by Pharrell Williams

Many grandparents have heard the track while watching the Despicable Me films with their grandchildren, so it is familiar to all generations. It has a zippy beat and uplifting lyrics that make everyone smile and creates a good vibe, which encourages everyone to have some fun.

Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

This feel good track has the perfect lyrics to persuade the reluctant dancers in your crowd to give dancing a go. It is fun to dance to and has a tempo that works for most people.

Everybody Dance by Sister Sledge

Another high-energy song that often gets shier guest up and dancing is Everybody Dance. After the first verse, most people are either on the dance floor or at least clapping their hands and tapping their feet.


The key to getting everyone dancing is variety. You need to appeal to everyone and provide your guests with songs tempt him or her onto the dance floor.

This Leeds party band has all of these songs and many more high-energy numbers on their playlist. Over the years, this wedding group has built up a huge repertoire. They know how to put together a wedding reception set that keeps everyone happy.

If you want more high energy wedding song ideas, listen to the songs on this video.