Autumn wedding themes

There are so many advantages to celebrate an autumn wedding, like for example the weather- is not very warm and not very cold; the combination of the wedding accessories of red, brown and gold colors may give to the wedding celebration a great touch of elegance.

The types of flowers that you can choose for your wedding bouquet are so many like orchids, the sunflower or dahlias and as flower arrangements for the salon the flower fields are perfect because will last longer, for example the ear wheat combined with chrysanthemums or dried flowers. As table arrangements, you can also use leaves combined with pine cones that can be put in a crystal bowl and in the middle a colored or white candle.
As I said before, I think that the perfect flower for your bouquet could be the sunflower, is a simple but elegant flower which denotes light and happiness .It can be easily used to decorate the wedding table or the wedding cake.

A good idea for your wedding restaurant is that you could choose a rustic restaurant or a winery restaurant. When it comes about the menu, you can start with a soup, for example the clam chowder or a wild mushroom soup; or a mixed salad-crisp apple, blue cheese and toasted nut ;then you can continue with pheasant with apple, calvados and cream or wild duck with damson and red wine sauce.

When you have to choose your wedding invitations, you should think on a classical simple but elegant style; for example you could choose the gold color mixed with brown or orange. The vintage wedding invitations are quite appropriate for the autumn wedding celebration.

When it comes about the makeup, the bride’s makeup, I think that the perfect lipstick should be the one with shades of burgundy color, for your eyes you can try a smokey makeup and for a perfect hairstyle you can opt to apply to your hair floral accessories.

For cold seasons the wedding dresses are made of different materials than a wedding dress for a hot season. You have the option to choose a lace bolero, satin gloves or silk shawls.

The bridesmaid’s dresses must match with the wedding theme, for example, with flowers from the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ties could have the same color as the wedding bouquet too. Let’s not forget about the flower girls dresses that could be white with a satin sash that can also have the same color as the flowers from the wedding bouquet.

Seeing all this, I must admit that autumn is a perfect season to celebrate the wedding; is a season full of melancholy and romanticism, full of wealth and of  generous gifts of the nature.