How to Choose Wedding Favours for an Unusual Wedding Colour Scheme

Planning the perfect wedding can be a stressful and back-breaking time. Getting every detail just right can be a real hassle if you do not have qualified, professional assistance to deal with all of the intricate happenings and elements in a wedding ceremony or reception. Many people decide to forgo the typical wedding design and colour scheme for something more unusual: sometimes to hide their lack of wedding planning knowledge, and sometimes because they simply want an oddly-designed wedding. We’ll talk today about how you can pick out the perfect wedding favours for an unusual wedding colour and design scheme.

Go Small

Wedding favours are often one of the biggest obsessions that party planners have to deal with, but keeping things small can make a world of difference in the planning process. Coordinating any wedding favours with an unusual colour scheme can leave some people stressed out, but consider this: there is a candy out there for any and every colour imaginable!  Wedding favour sweets can be used as one of many types of wedding favours that will really accentuate an unusual wedding colour scheme in one way or another. Whether you want to design small gift bags or larger party jars filled with retro sweets, the sky really is the limit when you go small and think creatively.

Coordinate With “2 and 1”

Picking out the perfect wedding favours for any wedding ceremony revolves around not only the desires of the guests, but also the colour coordination itself. Most successful and gorgeous wedding designs utilise what we call a “2 and 1” concept: this means that of the 3 main colours utilised in the design, 2 of them are relatively close to one another on the colour wheel or spectrum. This can make it easier to coordinate colours for wedding favours, as stressing out about exact colour matches can totally derail the whole process. This 2 and 1 matching concept makes it possible to select wedding favours that don’t exactly match up in terms of shade and tone, but that otherwise closely pair with the overall colour design of the wedding.

Ask The Attendees

Getting an idea of what people enjoy the most is a great way to ensure the best wedding possible happens – from the perspective of your attendees. With your RSVP, asking a few simple questions that are to be returned with their replies can help you to select all-encompassing set of wedding favours for the guests, or to further customise each guest’s favours for an added bonus. Whatever the decision, sampling guests’ opinions for a variety of wedding-related elements can actually help simplify the overall process and ensure that you do not obsessively fret over each and every detail. Guests will definitely be less critical of the ambiance than you, so this overall process can help to provide a bit of perspective.

Have you recently been married or planned a wedding? Which wedding favours did you use and how did guests feel about them? Let us know all about it in the comments section below!