Planning a Winter Wonderland Wedding


A flickering fireplace, glimmering centerpieces, powdery snow and merry mistletoe are several images we associate with winter. The chilly season may also be the ideal time to plan a fun, elegant and cost-efficient wedding. Although many weddings have traditionally taken place in the warmer seasons, going against the grain with a winter wedding has its advantages. For instance, many venues are already decorated for the holidays, which can cut down on the cost of flowers and other decorating expenses.

A good rule of thumb is to begin your planning a year in advance. Even with this forethought, however, many venues won’t be available during the summer months. Venue availability won’t be nearly as limited during the winter, which means more options for today’s couples.Having your wedding during the holiday season may make it easier to take more time off from work to enjoy your honeymoon.

Before you pick up that phone to book your own winter wonderful wedding, consider the following in your planning. Mother Nature is moody. Winter weddings are cozy and romantic, but what about the elephant in the room? That’s right, Mother Nature. Know your guests and how they’ll react to being invited to a wedding where snow might be a problem. Unfortunately, there is no way you can predict the weather (even forecasters can’t seem to get it right).


Your best bet is to ask close guests like your parents, siblings and bridal party to come a day earlier if they are traveling from out-of-town. A light snowfall may even be a charming touch to your day, but make sure to have a Plan B in case weather becomes an insurmountable obstacle. If snow becomes a problem the day of your wedding, consider proceeding with the ceremony with your close guests and having the reception at a later time.

Be sure to read your contract carefully and confirm with your venue that they can hold another date for you as a backup snow date. A ride in a horse drawn carriage may be picturesque, but consider the possibility that you may be limited to pictures indoors. If weather permits, pine trees blanketed in snow and covered in icicles will make for a memorable backdrop.

A kiss underneath the mistletoe makes a sweet and charming picture you can later send as thank you cards to your guests. When thinking winter weddings, think fun and exciting. Get creative with the beauty that surrounds you.

Give your guests ample time to prepare and plan to attend your wedding. This is key to ensuring that they attend during the busy holiday season. Consider sending save-the-date cards well in advance.

Above everything, remember that the holidays are a time for family, friends and being around those you care about. Sharing your winter wedding with the ones you love will make your day spectacular and memorable.

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