Wedding Of Your Dreams In Bali

Celebrate and seal your love for each other on the island of Bali, one of the most romantic places in the world featuring the most amazing wedding locations imaginable. Say ‘yes’ standing at the edge of an ocean cliff with the mighty ocean as your witness, seal your love with a kiss and a ring as your feet are resting in the sand of a desolate hidden beach or kick-off your wedding in the rice paddies or at the bottom of a waterfall. All is possible in Bali, the island where love flows around naturally, attracting thousands of love birds every year. Whether you are engaged to be married or ready to renew your vows, Bali is awaiting you and it will be special as can be!

Why travel so far away, crossing the ocean of the world, just to get married? Well, certainly the island’s beaches, rainforest, ocean cliffs, volcanoes, rice terraces and luxury villas make the perfect backdrop for a magnificent wedding but apart from the fact that Bali is jaw-droppingly beautiful and utterly romantic, it is also surprisingly affordable to organize the wedding-of-your-dreams here when comparing it to the western world. You can choose between the most amazing private wedding venues at unique locations that you could never ever get at in your home country at these prices, let alone the all round exotic ambiance that rules these lands, adding more magic to your special day.

Finding the right one

Enough reasons why Bali is such as popular wedding destination and there are lots of wedding companies around wanting to join hand with the bride and groom to be. It can be tough finding the right one. A company that is trustable and affordable at the same time with personal attention to your wishes and a mountain of authentic, excellent reviews.

Top Choice: The Seven Agency

One of the companies at the top of my list would be The Seven Agency. This wedding company organized over 2,000 weddings, each unique, infusing the wishes of the newlyweds to be with inspiring ideas from their side. The Seven Agency is part of The Seven Group that provides a wide range of services including amazing stays and holidays at the best affordable rates as well as tailor-made honeymoons. This agency knows Bali and all of its secret, most amazing places. No wonder their portfolio is so impressive and the reviews of happy former customers are overwhelming.

No two weddings should be the same…

Planning your wedding with The Seven Agency starts an open conversation to learn about your dreams, wishes, needs, and budget. The selection of wedding locations is huge, ranging from desolate beaches to cliff-edged luxury villas and uninhabited islands. What makes The Seven Agency stand out is their personal touch and their motto that ‘no two weddings should be the same’. Their experienced team of 40+ people, comprising of wedding experts, stylists and wedding butler’s, works closely together to fulfill your wedding dream. There is a wide range of great wedding packages to choose from but this forms only the base from where your own personal customized wedding will be created. The big day will be ‘perfect’ and it will be captured by the agency’s professional team of photographers, writing history in your wedding book.