Top 20 Must-Have Wedding Photos

From late night browsing through wedding magazines and on Pinterest in search of inspiration, all the way through to implementing those ideas – organizing a wedding requires a lot of effort. Now that your big day is almost here you may want to ensure that you capture your wonderful Punta Cana wedding by enlisting the help of an experienced Caribbean wedding photographer.

Usually professional photographers know which wedding photos and backgrounds are a must, but they may or may not include the ones that you consider important. We don’t want you to regret having missed out on capturing any of those meaningful moments. To make sure that you are on the same page as your photographer prepare a checklist of shots that you want so they can’t slip off their radar. Here we have a list of some wedding picture ideas that you may like to consider for your own event.

Engagement Photos


If you still have doubts whether to do it or not, doubt no more. A pre-wedding photoshoot will help you become more comfortable in front of the camera and rehearse some cool poses, get to know your photographer better and decide if you want them to be a part of your special day.

Bride’s Morning


The big day has arrived and the stressful preparation stage is over. Time will fly, so take a moment to take in in the happy energy of the day and pose for your photographer lying on your bed, enjoying a coffee with your bestie or listening to your mom’s romantic stories. Your beautiful day has begun and you`ll want the memory of these moments to stay with you forever.

Getting Ready


For the complete story you`ll want to have the preparations of both sides (bride & groom) captured in your photo book.

  • The bride getting her makeup and hair done
  • The bride getting into her dress with the help of her mom or the maid of honor
  • The groom and the groomsmen getting ready
  • The best man or the father helping the groom to adjust his tie or boutonniere

The Gown Alone

This dress was chosen with a lot of excitement. Remember the moment when you saw it for the first time and knew that it was the one. The pictures of it hanging up can capture its elegance and you`ll be able to recreate that moment when you first saw it every time you open your wedding book.

The Shoes

The shoes are often hiding behind the long dress and don’t get the attention they deserve. You can rectify this. Make it a cute couple picture with the groom wearing funny socks.


Cute signs, jewelry, hairstyles, rings – all these details make your wedding special. Your photographer can take close ups and make collages of the important elements of your nuptials.


You both look fantastic and you have a personal photographer why not to take advantage of the situation and take gorgeous posed shots worthy of a magazine cover.

The Bridal Party


Candid and staged pictures of your bridal party will not only become your memories, but the memories of your family and friends. Ask your photographer to take several casual, relaxed pictures and catch the moments when people express genuine emotions – laugh, smile and tears. Those pictures will take you back to that moment while looking at them many years from now.

Your Invitations


These guys are often forgotten, along with your struggle to choose fonts, design and paper quality.

The Bouquets and Boutonnieres


The bride’s bouquet is an essential part of your wedding attire as much as the groom’s boutonniere. If you provided the bridesmaids with bouquets and the groomsmen with boutonnieres beautify your wedding album with the photos of them.

The First Look


The first look is one of the most touching moments of your wedding. The groom waiting for the bride at the altar. Your photographer can’t miss capturing the groom’s expression- thrilled, touched, and full of love at the same time.

The reception tables before the guests arrive. This shot is for you to enjoy the result of your scrupulous arrangements and be able to admire the scene from your guests’ perspective.

The Food


Your photographer should be sure to snap the appetizing dishes that you had chosen so carefully.

The Entertaining Team


Whether it is a band, dancers or acrobats you`ll want to take a picture of the people who delighted you and your guests.

Aerial Shot


Most probably you won’t have time during the wedding to stop and fully appreciate the ambiance. Give yourself another chance to do it with the images of the entire space taken from afar.

Creative Shots


It would be fun if you could come up with some ideas for the shots like catching the moments when people laugh or creating a solo portrait gallery of your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Your Unique Tradition


If you plan to do something original at your wedding like launching flying lanterns into the sky or planting a tree your photographer should know about it.

New Angles


You won’t be able to be in two places at once. Your photographer can be your eyes and show you your wedding from different perspectives.

Couple’s Departure


Whether you choose to snap a casual goodbye photo or a dramatic scene of you two moving away in a car towards the sunset, you`ll need a beautiful shot to finish your story in the photo book.

It is important to choose a photographer you can trust. You want someone who can convey the atmosphere of a wedding through photos and who hunts for exclusive moments and captures them without destroying the moment. Those instants like when your mom whispers something in your father’s ear, your grandfather wipes away tears from your grandmother’s cheeks, or when your bridesmaids dancing barefoot etc.