The Most Popular States To Tie The Knot In


One of the most asked questions couples will be asked when getting engaged is where they hope to say their vows. Choosing a location can be tricky because ultimately you hope it to be somewhere affordable, beautiful, romantic (but not too cheesy) and not too difficult for you and your friends and family to attend. America is currently becoming a very popular as a wedding destination, with 2.3 million coupled getting wed there every year. June is the most popular month for weddings in America with wedding guests spending between $70 to $100 on gifts for the bride and groom.

So what makes the US such a popular place to get married? It may be due to the size of the country and the scope of possibilities in terms of wedding locations that it offers. So, whether you are hoping to get married at a ranch, up in a treehouse, an old sugar mill or a summer camp, there is something for everyone. With 50 states to choose from, it’s impossible to not be enticed to say your ‘I do’s’ in such a stunningly diverse country.

If you’re thinking of getting hitched across the Atlantic, it’s important to note that you and your partner will need to apply for an AS Visa Waiver, more commonly referred to as the American ESTA. The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation makes visitors eligible to travel to the US under the USA Visa Waiver Program. Introduced in 2009, it is used to enhance security measures and pre-screen travellers before they can board a plane or ship headed for the US.

Here is our list of some of the best places in America to get hitched:


With beautiful weather and even more impressive beaches, Florida is the best option for those seeking a slightly more affordable version of a Caribbean wedding. With Disneyland just around the corner, not only can you live out your dreams of a being a fairy-tale princess on your big day, you can also come a little earlier and have a fun filled hen-do here too! Palm Beach and Miami are both great choices to hold your wedding and both offer something different to the other, so you are sure to find a vibe that suits your style.

Las Vegas

While some of us scoff at the idea of a last minute Vegas wedding with its drive-through chapels and Elvis impersonators, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that Vegas can offer a lot more when it comes to your perfect wedding. The other side of sin-city offers sophisticated venues with traditional receptions for a more elegant affair. Just be warned that prices and availability vastly depend on holiday weekends and big sporting events.


Maine is brimming with natural beauty so it’s no surprise that its rugged and winding coastline is popular with those looking to tie the knot. Its charming towns filled with antique stores, classic roadside diners and masses of art galleries and museums makes it easy to picture as the perfect wedding destination. As summer attracts the most visitors, it is recommended that the best time to have a wedding in Maine is September when it is less crowded and Autumn approaches making the foliage quite spectacular in colour.

Where is your dream wedding destination?