Cheap and good looking wedding

You can have a nice wedding, with simple accessories and arrangements and there`s no problem regarding the costs: cheap and nice looking in the same time…. So here are some elements of this type of wedding!


Let`s start with the invitations; nice and simple, made of cardboard with floral motifs carved on the exterior, or some invitations that look like papyruses! You can also have some nice invitations with floral arrangements on the exterior and a nice envelope that has two big sunflowers carved! It`s so simple and refined in the same time!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
As wedding testimonies, you can have a nice piece of cloth in which you can place sweets and bonbons. Tie this piece of cloth with a colored ribbon and make a bow, near the bow place a miniature cup with floral motifs on it! The next model of testimony is a small wooden box that has also a ribbon placed over it, which ends with a bow and some flowers! Make sure you place some candy in the box and the testimony is complete!

Another model of testimony is a nice matt candle, in a cilindric shape and that has on one side some wheat “flowers” with symbolize prosperity! We`ve finished with the part regarding the testimonies and the next step is to speak about floral arrangements…..


A nice floral arrangement is consisted of a bouquet of chrysanthemums in violet and yellow nuances with many green branches! You can have a glass vase, transparent, which inspires freshness and vitality! Another floral arrangement consists of a pumpkin that is emptied from its interiors and place as many flowers as you can, different species! It will look certainly great! A suggestion can also be a sunflower flower placed under a transparent glass and that`s all! You can have such a sunflower applied in the back of a chair and it will look delightful!

The menu looks also great: simple and delicious in the same time! You can have file with vegetables or a simple grilled stake also with those vegetables mentioned before! Another suggestion for menu is the same fried stake with boiled rice that has some parsley on top! You can have also some salad with vegetables with this menu! Delicious, isn`t it?


The final part is regarding the cake! A white and caramel aspect cake with three or four layers with nice models on the exterior that imitate lace patterns! On the final layer you can have a nice bouquet of orange flowers made of candy! Another model of cake is in white, orange and gold nuances! You can have some golden threads around each layaer and a lace textile model and also some pearls applied here and there! The final touch regards flowers made of sweet stuff, more exactly orange lillies applied on ever layer and on top of the cake! A wonderful feast!