Q: “It’s my son’s wedding, what am I paying for?”

We all know that fathers of the bride are expected to pick up the tab, but does that mean that the father of the groom sits back and enjoys a free cocktail paid for by his future daughter-in-law’s parents? Sorry dad’s, unless your little boy is marrying a little Ms. Gates or Ms. Buffett, you are probably going to responsible for a few things. The rehearsal dinner for starters. Wedding etiquette has the groom’s parent’s covering the tab for the rehearsal dinner and any accompanying cocktails. There is also the Honeymoon. A lot of times the parents of the groom will pitch in or pick up the tab of the honeymoon as well. Depending on the overtures spent for the wedding, a lot of families are opting to cut one check and letting the kids spend it as they wish. That seems to be a more amiable way to split the dough if you ask me.