Disney wedding themes

For those that want a really special event and in the same time you want to make it like ripped out of stories there’s also that solution in which you can apply for Disney wedding themes, but this means spending lots of money in the same time. So how about that? Does it seem pretty interesting to you? We can place this theme between unique wedding themes due to the fact that not in all the weddings it’s possible to see a thing like this and as we like to highlight it – there are lots of money involved in it.

We would like to start with the main thing that comes into our mind whenever we’re speaking about Disney wedding themes – the wedding dress. So, how this dress can look like? Well, it’s typically a fairytale wedding dress, which looks pretty interesting in the same time and it may be ripped out of cartoons or stories if you want to. In most of the times, this wedding dress is going to be made in wide A-line style, it’s type fairytale gown or even ball wedding gown, which are really similar models.

Also, in order to bring an extra air of story to the wedding, we were thinking you should take into account adding a little bit of cartoons in all the details in your wedding. For instance, there’s the case in which you can apply for a bridesmaid and the best man like the happy couple of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. In this case you have to ask your friends to get dressed in this way and with masks on and the effect is definitely guaranteed – you’re going to feel like a part of those stories.

If this doesn’t seem enough, then you should apply for a chariot very similar looking as those in cartoons and this means spending an extra amount of money, because we’re not speaking of any type of chariot, it’s a special looking one and in the same time it’s conducted by a person which wears a costume.

Here’s another important element that needs to be taken into account and we’re certain that you’re going to love applying for from the first instant when it comes to Disney wedding themes: we were thinking of a wedding invitation that consists of a shoe, similar to that of Cinderella’s. You can apply for making a transparent shoe, with nice details on it and attach the invitation made of cardboard with all your ideas and thoughts….

Another thing that needs to be taken into account is related to the wedding favors, which can adapt the same theme – that of Cinderella’s shoe and you can fill it with bonbons!