Indian wedding themes

Indian wedding themes seem interesting to the other cultures due to the fact that the customs and traditions are really different in comparison with the ones that you usually see in the Occidental cultures. Not only the traditions are different, but the colors involved in such a wedding are really special looking and interesting in the same time….

We’re certain that you stopped at least once over a picture that showed an Indian wedding and you tried to observe at least half of the details involved, but we’re certain that you couldn’t observe them all.

So, first of all you have to know that before the wedding it seems that there are several rituals that are done with the help of the other ladies, who are friends of the future bride. Tattooing with henna is one of these rituals and it’s definitely one that takes the breath of everyone attending the wedding.

Let’s mention that there are some other rituals that are done and these regard the groom as well. Like in other cultures it seems that the rituals are important whenever it comes to the well being of the future family and all these are done for the happiness of the family.

The bride is wearing in most of the cases a very well adorned wedding dress that is really interesting looking in the same time and you can be sure that it will make her look different in comparison with other cultures’ brides and traditions.

Another thing that you have to know related to the Indian brides is the fact that the white color for the wedding day is one that brings bad luck and red dresses seem to be the most appropriate whenever it comes to traditions and good luck.

We’re not done with presenting the Indian bride, because she seems to be the main piece whenever we’re speaking about such a wedding- she has to wear lots of jewelry and necessarily made of gold with all kinds of precious stones and stuff like that.

Let’s also add that these are given as inheritance by the parents for the bride and you can be sure that they’re going to love wearing them. Another thing that we would like to mention is that the most important thing whenever it comes to Indian wedding themes and the pieces of jewelry is the fact that these pieces of jewelry have to be inherited from the bride’s parents and it’s a real shame if she doesn’t wear some…. She has to apply for a nose ring, for earrings, an adornment on the hair, at the neck as well as on the hands.

We hope that all the things shared here with you seemed really interesting and that you feel more and more attracted in what concerns this culture.