Pink Weddings, A New Trend Among Brides

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The mere mention of a wedding evokes visions of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and now… something Pink? What is a Pink Wedding? Read o in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Pink Weddings, A New Trend Among Brides

With more than 2.8 million American women (and men) diagnosed with breast cancer, chances are this disease has somehow touched your life or that of someone you love.  With this reality, brides-to-be are honoring the memory of someone dear or celebrating a loved one’s triumph over this ailment by turning their weddings “pink.”

How do you orchestrate a “Pink Wedding?”

Your pink wedding can be anything from, an entire wedding wrapped up in pink, to a simple place setting card that informs your guests of a special donation you have made to a breast cancer charity on their behalf.

For helpful ideas on designing the picture perfect “Pink Wedding,” the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Pink Envelope Project” is the perfect place to begin.  By joining this free community, you can connect in a network of compassionate individuals to exchange ideas, create new activities and share resources.  Encounter other brides-to-be and wedding venders who can help you make your Pink Wedding events a meaningful giving experience.

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Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation™, Helping You, Help Others

Estimates show that over 182,460 women and 1,990 men will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer this year.  In the United States, every 2 1/2 minutes the diagnoses of breast cancer effects one person and every 12 minutes someone loses his or her battle against the dreaded disease.  The heartrending cost in human life is more than 40,930, people in the US and another 410,000 worldwide each year.   The human toll is staggering, small children are left without mothers, and husbands must raise families alone.

It is the mission of Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation™ to grant wishes and memory-making events to terminally ill breast cancer patients and to educate the public about the best practices to prevent metastatic breast disease.

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From its inception in 1998, Making Memories, through its “Brides Against Breast Cancer” charity wedding gown sales, has always given brides-to-be the opportunity to help fulfill wishes for individuals faced with terminal breast cancer.  These nationwide events raise wish-granting funds, that provide families with an escape from the realities of the everyday sadness of saying goodbye and allow them time to bask in the joy of one final memory-making moment together.

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    I really think this is a great way to start a marriage, putting others first.

    Many couples these days are more established or on a second marriage and don’t need the many gifts to start a home and young couples do. Having donations made to non-profit organizations (especially in the name of loved ones that have passed) is a great idea.

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