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How to Address Bridal Shower Invitations

First things first, the look of the wedding invitation… is just as important as the words you choose. Go with sturdy cardstock envelopes and colored ink that glides. In fact, if you can swing it, try using a calligrapher to really personalize and stylize your addressing. And if you can swing a swanky or femininely-touched stamp design, go for that too!

When it comes to bridal shower invitations, you’ll want to address the guests by their first and last names. Traditionally, wedding invites will use husband’s names as the declaration but when it comes to the feminine festivities, it’s best to address her by exactly who she is – and that’s not by her beau.

When it comes to prefixes, “Mrs.” is still the traditional route to take for married women, whereas “Ms. and Miss” can be interchanged for single ladies or younger gals. And some of our expert answers below will break it down even further.

Other Expert Answers

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Bridal shower invitation address etiquette – names and titles

Proper name etiquette should be followed as you would for addressing a wedding invitation. Here are some examples:

For a married woman:

Mrs. Jane Smith (use the individual’s first and last name, not her husband’s – you would only use the formal ‘Mr. and Mrs. John Smith’ when the couple is invited to a formal event, like a wedding.

For a widowed woman:

Ms. Jane Smith

For a single or divorced woman:

Miss Jane Smith

Address information

Make sure the lines of the invitation are all left justified and in line with the name.For the street address, numbers need to be in numeric form (not written out) and street names are fully written out and not abbreviated (i.e., write out “Street,” not “St.”). City and state/province names should also be spelled out and NOT abbreviated (i.e. write out “North Dakota,” not “N.D.”).

The ZIP or postal code can either be placed on the same line as the city/state/province with two spaces in between the state/province and the zip/postal code, or it can go on a separate line directly underneath the city/state/province line.” – Pretty Printables Ink

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“Addressing invitations properly for a bridal shower is just as important as it is for the invitations to the wedding itself. Formality is the rule of the day for the outsides of the envelopes — full names, as well as indications such as “Dr.,” Mr.” or “Ms.” belong on the envelope, showing invited guests you care enough to take the time to make this event extra special.

Prepare one invitation for each guest invited to the bridal shower, even if two or three guests reside in the same household. Place the invitation in the envelope and seal it shut.

Handwrite the guest’s name in the middle of the envelope with a calligraphy. Be sure to preface their name with “Mr.”, “Dr.,” “Miss,” “Ms.,” or “Mrs.;” do not just write the name because this is not proper etiquette for a bridal shower invitation.

Write the guest’s address below her name on the invitation with the calligraphy pen.

Add the bridal shower host’s name and address in the upper left-hand corner. This is the address that should be used for the RSVP.

Affix a stamp to the upper right-hand corner of each invitation.

Mail invitations one month before the bridal shower’s scheduled date.” – Our Everyday Life

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