bed and breakfast weddings
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Are You Considering a Bed and Breakfast Wedding?

Bed and Breakfast Wedding location
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Romantic … unique … cozy … intimate … if these words describe the kind of wedding you’re dreaming about, then maybe you should plan a bed and breakfast wedding, otherwise known as a B&B wedding.  In case you’re not familiar, a bed and breakfast is typically a large home with lots of bedrooms where you can spend the night, have a home-cooked breakfast and have a cozier, more friendly stay than you might in a hotel. The location choices are virtually limitless; far away on a tropical isle, a rugged mountain retreat or even an historic mansion in your own hometown.

bed and breakfast weddings
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There are a lot of reasons a bed and breakfast wedding maybe right for you:

  • Personal Service –  the main selling point of any bed and breakfast!  Most B&B’s are run by married couples or families who genuinely enjoy and take pride in providing outstanding hospitality and service.  Any special requests or needs that you may have are more likely to be accommodated with genuine helpfulness and desire to please – something that often seems less likely to find at a large resort or hotel.
  • Lower Costs – a bed and breakfast wedding may also save you money, if one of your goals is to keep the wedding within a limited budget.  Bed and breakfast inns are, by their nature, small establishments that can handle only a limited number of guests.  You’ll easily be able to keep the guest list small and have better control over costs by choosing such a small venue.
  • Do something you both love – one of the great things about a B&B wedding is that it can be planned around the shared interests of the engaged couple.  Do you both love the ocean?  Hiking?  Rare wines?  Have you both always wanted to travel to the Southwest?  No matter what your interest, there’s probably a bed and breakfast that can accommodate you and (if you wish) several members of your wedding party as you pursue your shared interests as well as your nuptials.
  • Experienced wedding experts – many B&B’s specialize in hosting weddings, and can provide package deals to accommodate all sorts of wedding budgets.  It can be a real headache planning your own wedding if you’ve never done it before and are overwhelmed by all the details.  A wedding package deal could take care of most of the planning and provide you a great place to honeymoon as well!
  • Keep it personal and small – not everyone wants to have a huge wedding with hundreds of family members and friends, especially if the engaged couple is older or one or both of them has been married previously.  Having a B&B wedding can help keep the guest list limited to immediate family and friends, and provide a much more private and romantic ceremony than a large wedding.
  • Unique wedding setting – many bed and breakfast inns are located in beautiful historic buildings or extraordinary natural settings.  If you want to get married at the foot of a gorgeous, elaborate handmade staircase or a cascading waterfall, you can probably find a B&B to accommodate you.  Your wedding will truly be an expression of who you are as a couple!
bed and breakfast wedding venues
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There are many reasons a bed and breakfast wedding can be a great way to get married.  Your choices, and the possibilities available to you, are limited only by your imagination.  Good luck planning your special bed and breakfast wedding!