Want A Destination Wedding in Tahiti? Get Ready For Awesome Time.

Tahiti-Wedding-Planner-wedOtahiti-Beach If you’re considering a destination wedding it’s likely that you’ve been imagining saying your vows in an exotic location, and so will you. You’ve narrowed down your list of wedding destinations, and Tahiti made it to that point… but what does Tahiti has to offer that other destinations don’t? Why would you set your heart on the “Pearl of the Pacific”? Well, the Islands of Tahiti are all together exotic, authentic, far from it all and one of the greatest places on Earth to reconnecting with your beloved ones… think of beautiful smiles, exotic flowers, peace and absolute quietness, and think of not just having a couple of hours with your guests but a couple of days to get your nearest and dearest together, and spend quality time with them! Did you know that the Islands of Tahiti are just under 8 hours from Los Angeles, CA?

How To Get Started?

My first advice to all couples planning to get married in the Islands of Tahiti is to get professional assistance from the very beginning… lots of couples hire a planner after they have tried to plan the event themselves only to realize that the logistics are just harder to organize and that there is a lot more involved than for a hometown wedding. Getting the help of a Certified Wedding & Event Planner that upholds certain industry practices and standards of operation, insures that you have every detail covered and peace of mind for you and your families. Plus, having a professional and reliable person on location (especially if you are unable to visit in advance of the wedding) to listen to you and understand your wishes and the wedding you’re envisioning is a necessity. A professional planner will be your expert eyes (and ears) for finding and coordinating vendors at the location until you actually get on site. That person must of course have a good knowledge of the language and the local culture, but should be able to communicate with you seamlessly as well. If not fluent in French, the language barrier may lead to some miscommunications with your vendors, who do not all speak or write English, not mentioning that Internet connection in the islands of Tahiti is… not everywhere. Tahiti-Wedding-Planner-wedOtahiti-Dress

Start Planning Early

Consider booking your event during low season to keep costs down and provide the opportunity for your guests to enjoy some activities, and make the most of their time in the Islands of Tahiti. Most of your guests will likely need as much advance notice as possible to adjust and plan for an overseas trip, including getting a passport, so the earlier you let them know, the better. Getting to the planning itself, a couple having a destination wedding in the Islands of Tahiti should take that opportunity to showcase the local food, culture and islands décor. Whether it is leaning towards traditional French or Tahitian-style, this will distinguish the wedding from the domestic weddings all guests in the party have previously been to. French caterers / restaurants for example are not so used to the American or Australian custom of providing guests with multiple options for each course (for a plated dinner that is). While they’ll adapt to the couples’ requests, couples should be flexible, too, and keep in mind that not everything is readily available in such remote locations (isn’t “remote” the reason #1 you chose the Islands of Tahiti in the 1st place?) and that some items might not be available at all. Go with the flow and concentrate on what you feel your guests will enjoy the most. You are going for a destination wedding in the Islands of Tahiti to have some exoticism, to have something different. This alone is KEY and a great way to reflect your personalities as a couple. As with a home, planning a destination wedding should all be about location, location, location… “The warmth and kindness that we met with during our stay in Tahiti was something that completed our wedding experience and made our guests feel at home.” a couple said. So if you were thinking of planning a destination wedding to the Islands of Tahiti, stop thinking and start planning! Tahiti-Wedding-Planner-wedOtahiti-ceremony

About The Author: Nelly Grange

In 2013, having managed resort operations, sales, marketing and event planning in French Polynesia for over a decade, Nelly decided to merge her passion for the Islands of Tahiti, her love for all the details that go into planning a wedding and creativity into one and launched wedOtahiti. wedOtahiti offers planning services ranging from Day Of Coordination, to Partial or Full-Planning Packages, but also Décor services, or Assistance with Legal Weddings in the Islands of Tahiti. Visit our website wedOtahiti or email us at [email protected]. Find us on Facebook and Twitter

Photo Credit: Helene Havard Photography www.helenehavard.com