Try a Destination Wedding in Dubai

So the question has been popped and the wedding bells are ringing loud and clear. One of the first things you’ll want to do is decide a venue for your destination wedding. It’s your big day after all, and you want a fairytale wedding that can fit in your pocket.

We have just the place for you in mind. It’s the shopping capital of the world and this dessert turned city has extravagantly luxurious wedding spots to offer. Traditional, exotic or unique you’ll find no dearth of options in Dubai.

Adventurous couples can opt for an exotic wedding in the Bedouin camp surrounded by gorgeous golden sands and blue skies.  Rare but not unheard of, couples hold wedding ceremonies and parties aboard a yacht moored in the gorgeous blue waters of the sea. Golf courses, polo clubs, luxury properties, and five star private islands are some of the other fantastic and breathtaking backdrops that couples choose to solemnize their wedding in.

The cityscape is dotted with palatial villas that take your breath away. Gorgeously designed DAMAC luxury hotel apartments woo you with its stunning décor and premium services. You can choose to speak your wedding vows with the soothing waves of the sea in the background or celebrate your highest moment in a place that overlooks the Burj Khalifa; the tallest tower in the world.

And, for the Bollywood crazy, there are Bollywood themes venues and parks that will make any fan shed tears of joy.

Wedding Legalities and Services

Given Dubai’s vigor for glamor and luxury, the services offered here are top notch and ensure a wedding that no one will forget. The ideal time to hold a wedding in Dubai is between November to April when the weather is cool and pleasant, and most European, American or Canadian citizens do not even need a visa to enter. With any high-season, it will be a bit more expensive during this time, which means you may need to scale back the size of the wedding you hope to have or think of another great alternative for getting enough funds.

Given that the government is very strict with regards to all the paperwork that must be submitted according to nationality and residency status, quite a few couples choose to legalize their weddings in their home country and then head to Dubai for a symbolic wedding and a grand celebration. Since it is a hotbed of different religions and cultures, finding a wedding celebrant is an easy task if you don’t plan to invite a priest of your choosing.

They say beginnings set the tone for everything that follows. Make sure that yours will be the best!