5 Beach Wedding Essentials You Need to Plan So Don’t Forget The “Shoes Optional” Signs.

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Congratulations, you’ve decided on a beach wedding. Perhaps more so than any other wedding theme, beach wedding ideas are easy to come up with but hard to execute. Beaches also have an amazing beauty about them, so coming up with ideas to leverage that beauty and really create an amazing wedding experience while blending seamlessly with the setting is harder than it appears. At Team Wedding, we wanted to pull together the 5 Essentials for a beach wedding that you will need to address and show you how others have done an amazing job.

Beach Wedding decoration Ideas – Lighting

Unlike a reception hall, beaches don’t have their own lighting built in, which means you need to think long and hard about how to light up your beach wedding ceremony and reception. The great news is that sand is a great way to cover electrical cords, so you shouldn’t be limited in what you can achieve.

This couple is dancing under traditional overhear lights that have been hung above the beach wedding reception area.

beach wedding photos
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Another beach wedding decoration idea when it comes to light is to use any structure in place to glitter up the whole scene. This example shows how lights can be used to make a simple structure much more elegant and pretty. 

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This beach wedding idea is clever, using lanterns to light the path to the wedding ceremony. Look for both traditional candle lanterns and LEDs, there are tons of examples online.

beach wedding decoration ideas
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This bride is walking down the aisle in this beach wedding, with gorgeous traditional lanterns lining the aisle.

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Don’t Forget The “Shoes Optional” Signs

We love this idea. It is such a fun way to really get your guests into the mood for a beach wedding. Traditional weddings have all the formal parts worked out, you show up to a church, you are dressed in a suit or fancy dress. For a beach wedding, you want to get guests into a mindset to have some fun and enjoy the sand between their toes. What better way to do that than to let people take their shoes off.

A simple chalkboard sign at the beach entrance works a treat. Simple and efficient.

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Or you can go for a proper high end sign that is customized.

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Take it to the next level with a cute saying, this sign is perfect.

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Beach Wedding Photo Ideas

Much like lighting, a beach wedding doesn’t have the traditional church or reception hall elements that we take for granted. That means you need to be a little more prepared with the types of photos you want to take. Beach wedding photo ideas usually revolve around how you capture the two of you with the beach as the backdrop. Make sure you let your photographer which photos you want. Here are some fun photo ideas for a beach wedding we loved.

This cute cuddling wedding photo is so simple, yet so powerful. This couple is looking out to the vast ocean, almost like they’re looking into their future.

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If you’re at a resort as part of your beach wedding, look for the infinity pool. There are some great shots you can get, including this beautiful “walking on water” idea. So pretty.

beach wedding theme
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Don’t have a white bench or infinity pool, don’t worry because beach wedding photos can be simple and don’t need props. This image of a newly married husband and wife just hugging and facing the water is so powerful. We found a few different takes on the couple facing the water that we wanted to include (we couldn’t decide on our favorite).

beach wedding photo ideas
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beach wedding photo ideas
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Beach Wedding Reception Ideas – Tables & Decorations

It may be a beach wedding, but everybody has to eat and there needs to be a reception. Decorating a beach wedding reception can be limiting, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. There are tons of cool beach wedding reception ideas. Our favorite ones are shown.

We love the timber on sand look at this wedding. Simple decorations on the tables really help you focus on the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.

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If you’re having your beach wedding reception under a canopy, don’t forget that with the right lighting and open sides you can really bring the outside in. You can also add some nice formal touches with use of white and more formal centerpieces.

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We love this beach decorating idea due to its simplicity. So gorgeous.

simple beach wedding ideas
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Want to really feel like you’re part of nature? Forget the fancy lights and canopy to cover guests. Grab some tiki toches, some timber tables and chairs and get close to the water.

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