Five Backyard Wedding Themes We Love

Bride and Groom getting married in a backyard wedding themed celebration

Transforming the backyard into something beautiful could be your ticket to the most perfect (and affordable) of dream weddings. Whether it’s your own, your parents, or a family friend, this is a great way to cut costs on high-priced venues and create a magical event to remember – for both you and your guests.

With the right amount of prep time and brainstorming, you can create a themed backyard wedding full of great details and personality. Today, we’re sharing five ideas that we love that fit perfectly into that homey, cozy feeling. Take a peek at our favs!

Five Backyard Wedding Themes We Love

BBQ Style

BBQ Style wedding with tablescapes


Spring or summer months call for BBQ themes. This one is perfect for smaller events that are looking forward to a downhome, cozy vibe. Create a spread filled with homestyle food; think classic BBQ sandwiches, homemade chips, and pies.

And even though you may envision something with a picnic look, you can take it up a notch by providing a tablescape like the one above. It puts a sophisticated spin on an outdoor table design. Sunflowers and wildflowers are a great addition to this wedding theme.

Garden Style

Garden Style wedding with tea party vibes and bohemian themes


If the grounds you’ve chosen happen to have a lot of beautiful greenery or garden areas, going with a garden theme is an easy route to take. You could make it a tea party-esque vibe or tread on a more bohemian route.

You can provide your guests with signature cocktails and a spread of gourmet appetizers. But don’t forget a dessert table, which coincides with this girlishly charming theme.

Country Style

Country Style wedding with hay bales and barns


Country style is another easy theme to plan around when going with a backyard wedding. Choose details that coincide with the comfortable, welcoming vibe of this route. From hay bale seating at the ceremony to laying a dance floor down in the spacious barn on the property, there’s a lot of quality accents to go after.

Comfort food is the best way to go here as well, just present it in a more refined way. Plush flowers and daisies will fill out the wedding traditions nicely as well. And no matter the season, this theme can stick.

Autumn Style

Autumn Style Weddings with pumpkins and cranberry colors


A backyard wedding is so much fun in the fall. From pumpkins in every corner to providing the flavors of the season in all the sips and bites, a celebration centered around the time of year can be so fun and creative to plan.

Truly, in every nook of the event, the style of autumn can be used. Cranberry colors on the bridesmaids and apple cupkins left as favors are just a few places you can start.

Carnival Style

Carnival style wedding with retro vibes and kettle corn


And finally, if you’re looking for something youthful and extra fun, why not turn the backyard into a carnival. You can have a lot of input planning around its retro vibes and use that same vision in all corners of the day; from the food to the ensembles.

Ladies can be in tea-length designs and make sure to serve up kettle corn for everyone at the party. Set up games at the reception and utilize the popping colors in all photo opportunities.