Flower wedding themes

So, when it comes to wedding themes one can apply from a large varieties and elements from which he or she can get inspiration. You can start with a color theme and end up with a season theme; everything is possible at the level of wedding planning and wedding details!

We were thinking that it’s a pretty nice idea to share with you some flower wedding themes; it seems to us that we didn’t take them into account as much as these deserved. For instance, in the following lines you’re going to read about such details and we’re sure that you’re going to find them pretty useful.

Like in the case of this first example, the wedding theme that we were thinking about has two connotations: the fall season and the flowers. This one has involved in it multiple colors, most of them being warm toned.

The furniture used in this wedding is made in brown tones and the fire is really important as well, this meaning that you can apply for candles to light the room and the wedding decorations are made also in warm tones.

The flowers have a really important role when it comes to wedding decorations and this wedding theme: the bridal bouquet is made in warm tones and the flower arrangements are made in white and a warm tone of yellow.

As for the bridesmaids dresses, these can be made in copper tone or in brown or even in a dark tone. No matter on which tone you decide, make sure that they suit pretty well the flower arrangements present in the wedding reception room.

The wedding cake can be definitely be made in warm tones as well and you can have a really special one that is made only of leaf details. All around this wedding cake you can observe brown branches attached and the final visual effect is an interesting one. The wedding favors can be wrapped all around with a warm tones ribbon and with a bow detail! Certainly a great combination of details for a wedding theme that we’re certain that it seems like pretty tempting to you….

Here’s a flower wedding theme that seems to us really trendy in the same time, because it’s realized in purple tones, which you know pretty well as being one of the most common and popular colors used in clothing and not only – now it seems that we can see it in wedding themes.

So, you can observe the purple tone in the wedding flower decorations, in the bridesmaids’ bouquet, in the bridal bouquet and on the table centerpieces.

Also, the usage of purple tone doesn’t stop at the level of the flowers used in the arrangements: it’s also used in the wedding cake topper, which is made under the format of flowers, made in different tones of purple, the wedding cake being in yellow.
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The bridesmaids’ dresses are designed in purple as well and they can be ordered in different in different lengths or with different details. The combination still seems to us gorgeous and we totally recommend you to apply for it in case you’re thinking of a fall wedding theme.