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A wedding on the shore of a gorgeous beach, with waves murmuring on the sand nearby and fragrant breezes refreshing the wedding party and the guests, is a popular way to get married!  Whether you actually get married at the beach or simply have a beach themed wedding, it’s possible to have the warm relaxed ambiance of the beach be an important part of your ceremony and wedding reception.

beach theme wedding


Of course, if you are getting married on the beach, then there’s very little decorating to do (unless you feel like it) since Mother Nature has already provided you a spectacular wedding venue.  However, gauzy white swags of cloth attached to chairs or draped over trellises or arches can provide a more romantic atmosphere as they sway gently in the breeze. A few simple sprays of flowers can provide nice accents as they mark the rows of seating reserved for immediate family, or they could be used along the walkway leading to the wedding site. Candles are typical decorations for most wedding, though they can prove to be a challenge for a beach wedding and the winds that may rush up over the waves.

beach themed wedding


So, rather than using the traditional unity candle, try incorporating the unity sand ceremony, where the two of you will take your own little bit of sand and pour it from your individual little vases into one larger vase, symbolizing the coming together of your two souls. You can even get kids and other family members involved in this tradition. It works well for second weddings or even wedding vow renewal ceremonies on the beach.  Read more about wedding ceremonies like the sand ceremony.

beach themed weddings


If you want a beach wedding theme but you’ll be decorating indoors, swags of light cloth will still look great and provide a romantic atmosphere.  Bowls of sand with seashells, or bowls simply filled with seashells, look great as accents around the wedding altar or platform (although you might want to have a member of the wedding party keep an eye on them so your younger guests won’t start using them as toys).  For a more tropical wedding theme, arrangements of palm branches could be used in place of large floral arrangements, or they could serve as backdrops for exotic tropical flower arrangements.

beach theme weddings


In many places in the world, flower rentals are available for just this sort of occasion or just buy the tropical plants and bring them home to recall the day of your wedding and as a precious keepsake for you and your family.  Cute ideas for beach themed favors are personalized beach towels, sunscreen, lip balm and/or beach balls, fun and useful for the destination wedding held on an island or seaside location.

beach wedding themes


And of course, wedding stationery, favors, placecards, jewelry, candles, and many other decorative wedding items are available in seashell or tropical themes. Find more Beach Wedding FavorsBeach Wedding Invitations and Beach Wedding Accessories.

We’ll have more next time about planning the beach themed wedding reception. Stay tuned by subscribing to the blog – the link is over there, on the right!

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    I made a beach themed towel cake that can be used for the bridal shower or for a decoration at the wedding. The bride really loved it and she got a nice set of towels out of the deal.
    Beach Wedding Towel Cake

  2. Elaine Borges-Ibanez

    Lovely beach wedding ideas! Have never heard of a towel cake before either. We are based around 70 miles from the sea on either coast so only tend to get beach weddings when we travel abroad for lovely couples’ weddings. My last beach wedding was in The Gambia in April for a British bride who married a Gambian man. They also used flowing materials to decorate their beach-side reception, but have a wedding in Cyprus in October so, hopefully, if not actually on the beach itself, the hotel itself is right next to the sea so we should certainly be aiming for pics after the ceremony, on the beach.

    I also like your wedding sand idea. It is very popular in little glass bottles for visitors to Egypt and Jordan – another two countries where we have photographed weddings.

  3. Diamond Rings

    I agree, mother nature has saved people getting married on a beach a lot of time by doing the decorating for them. The beautiful sea, sand, sun and warm breeze could never be marched in door. It does depend however on where you live. I would have loved a beach wedding but live in Ireland so weather would probably not be great for that. Indoor beach theme would be nice but a distance second choice.

  4. wedding venue Perth

    Its good to have unique venues for your most valuable day because it will give you beautiful memories in future.

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