wedding guest tips
photo credit: U.S. Fotografie via photopin cc

Busted: 5 Wedding Guest Myths

wedding guest tips
photo credit: U.S. Fotografie via photopin cc

Think you know everything there is to know about being a rock-star wedding guest? Check out five wedding guest myths and see how well you know your stuff!

Myth #1: You can’t wear black.

Fear not!  You can totally wear your favorite little black dress to the next wedding you’re invited to. Many believe wearing black to a wedding spells gloom instead of glee, but don’t worry–no one will think twice about it. Sure, black might not be the best choice for a mid-afternoon ceremony in the spring, or a beach wedding, however black is perfectly acceptable for any evening wedding.

Myth #2: Ask the bride about everything

Don’t assume that the bride and groom should be the first people you ask about everything just because it’s their event. Gift Transportation questions? Will a babysitter be available at the reception? Try not to ask the happy couple about everything–they have enough stress to deal with!  Ask the wedding party, or the parents. If the couple created a wedding website, it will feature all the information you need. If all other attempts fail, then ask the bride and groom.

Myth #3: Shopping from the registry screams “impersonal”

A creative present from the heart is better than one off the list, right? Not exactly. Most couples want gifts from their registry — that’s why they created it! Add a personal touch by choosing an item that has significance for you and the couple, such as buying them stemware to replace the glass you broke at their last party, and include a note that lets them know you wanted to get them something personal and practical.

Myth #4: An invite means you can bring a date

Couples are generally working within a budget, and dates mean more food, drinks, etc. Unless your invitation specifically says “and guest”, DO NOT BRING A DATE!!

Myth #5: The couple will book your accommodations

You may be traveling to the other side of the country–or the world–however it is not the couple’s responsibility to pay for your accommodations. Many couples reserve blocks of hotel rooms to get a good rate for their out-of-town guests, but that doesn’t mean they’re paying for them. If you’re not sure where to stay, ask a member of the bridal party about your options.